Why you should cancel your direct debit today

Opticians contact lens direct debit being shredded

What is a contact lens direct debit scheme?

Many people buy their contact lenses from high street opticians using a direct debit scheme. These schemes are reliable and easy to use, once registered members receive a new box of lenses every month. Whilst this seems like a convenient solution at first, optician direct debits aren't always good value for money.

There's a better way to buy contact lenses. There are multiple advantages to buying contact lenses online, over the traditional high street route. Most lens wearers will be able to save money whilst at the same time shopping with more freedom, convenience and confidence.

What's included in a contact lens direct debit scheme?

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Wearers pay a monthly fee for their contact lenses and often certain extras like aftercare are included. If you're not familiar with the concept it's very much like a rolling gym contract. Signing up to a rolling contract ties you in for a fixed term, which at first may seem cost-effective, but reduces your ability to explore different lenses and cheaper options. It's also harder to cancel. To evaluate whether a direct debit scheme is affordable let's see what you get for your money:

  • Contact lenses recommended by your optician
  • Monthly bottles of solution
  • An aftercare package
  • Discounted glasses frames

Why buying lenses through direct debit schemes is not cost effective

Here are the Specsavers' easycare package pros and cons:

Shelf full of contact lenses


  • One free pair of glasses from the £25 - £45 range
  • Aftercare
  • Customer service
  • Free delivery
  • Free replacement lenses - if they get lost or damaged
  • Free eye test after 28 days of membership


  • Many wearers don't require aftercare, but you'll still be charged for it
  • An initial 3-month payment is required for new easycare customers
  • Most packages last for 2 years, making it difficult to switch lenses
  • No flexibility, you'll receive the same lenses every month
  • To change lenses you'll need to visit your optician and undergo a trial period
  • Customers are not eligible for a free eye test until 28 days after joining the scheme

Why buying lenses through online subscriptions is not cost effective

In the last few years, subscription services have become increasingly popular. Most savvy shoppers will be aware of monthly subscription packages for products like cosmetics and fashion. There has also been significant growth in time-poor young professionals using weekly food boxes.

Recently there has been a rise in monthly contact lens subscriptions too. Brands such as Waldo and Hubble have jumped on this trend. Customers signed up to this service pay a monthly charge for 30 daily lenses. We reviewed the Waldo and Hubble subscription packages to see how cost effective they are and found the below:

  • They only offer daily lenses - monthlies are often more affordable
  • There's no flexibility, only one lens is available
  • Daily lenses like Acuvue Moist or Dailies AquaComfort are a similar price and better quality
  • Our own daily lens everclear ADM is cheaper

Like Waldo and Hubble we also offer free trials on our own brand daily lenses, everclear ADM and everclear ELITE. Read on for more reasons to choose Vision Direct when buying contact lenses online.

What are the benefits of buying contact lenses online?

  • Affordable: our prices up to 45% cheaper than UK high street opticians
  • Convenient: no waiting in queues, travel costs or wasted time
  • No prescription required: although we can confirm with your optician
  • Freedom: no ties. Order wherever, whenever. You can stop at any time
  • Total transparency: you know exactly when and what you're paying, you're in control
  • Experiment: you can change your lenses or try something new whenever you want
  • Impartial advice: contact our in-house optician at optician@visiondirect.co.uk
  • Award-winning service: our customer service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Easy ordering: speedy ordering, 3 click reorders & customer friendly website
  • Order reminders: email or SMS reminders
  • Trusted: we're rated 4.8/5 on Trustpilot
  • Save money: with discount codes, offers and savings

New customers get 10% discount

As if those benefits were not enough, we are offering a 10% discount code for new customers.
Just enter the promo code 'CANVAS10' in the checkout.

Check our contact lenses

Visit our optician's own brand equivalent page to find your opticians lens on Vision Direct. For instance, Biofinity Toric is equivalent to easyvision Monthly Opteyes toric. We have listed the own brand equivalent lenses from Specsavers, Vision Express and Boots. Our equivalent lenses are often cheaper than the optician's branded lenses, despite being the exact same lens with identical features and specifications. The only difference is the design and branding of the box. We source our lenses directly from the world's most respected contact lens manufacturers including Johnson & Johnson, Bausch & Lomb and CooperVision, we then pass the savings to our customers.

Prices up to 45% cheaper than the high street

Buying online often works out cheaper too. The table below compares our prices to popular high street providers Vision Express and Boots. These prices are correct as of November 2018. See how much you can save:

Product Price/Box:  Saving/Year: 
Proclear Toric £13.99 £164.08
Biofinity Toric £15.99 £154.08
Biofinity £11.49 £130.08
Biofinity Multifocal £25.99 £104.48
Proclear £7.99 £127.48
Acuvue Oasys for Astigmatism £23.99 £120.08
1 Day Acuvue Moist Multifocal £23.99 £216.12
Acuvue Oasys £17.99 £108.08

For dates and details of these price comparisons, please see clause 7.2 of our terms and conditions.

What are our best selling contact lenses?

Below is a list of our best-selling contact lenses. If you are new to contact lenses or would like to experiment with new lenses, these are some of the best lenses you can choose from.

How can you cancel your optician direct debit?

Crumpled optician direct debit contract

Convinced? Maybe it's time you cancel that direct debit, and save up to 45% off popular contact lenses. Here's our simple step by step guide:

  • Ensure you've paid for all the services you've received
  • Call the optician you have a scheme with or a customer service representative to inform them you would like to cancel
  • Check at the regular payment date that a new payment hasn't been accidentally requested by your optician

Once you've followed these simple steps you will be free from your contact lens direct debit scheme. It's time to take your vision care needs into your own hands, we trust you to order what's right for your eyes, but always urge caution and remind wearers to follow their prescription.

Regain control of your vision today with no minimum order requirement, fast delivery and freedom to buy what you need when you need it. Choose Vision Direct today and buy your contact lenses online