Cancelling optician contact lens direct debit schemes

Opticians contact lens direct debit being shredded

Many people buy their contact lenses from high street opticians using a direct debit scheme. These schemes seem easy to use, meaning registered members receive a new box of lenses every month for a standard fee. While this might be a hassle-free solution at first, optician direct debits aren't always good value for money. The inflexibility of a direct debit scheme is another big downside, as wearers aren't able to alternate lenses or control the number of lenses they purchase at a time.

Additionally, many of those extras that you're paying more for, such as eye tests or expert support, are still available from online retailers, but without the added (and ongoing) expense. Fortunately, if you sign up for a scheme and tie yourself into a contract, the cancellation process of your optician direct debit is actually no big deal and can be done in a few clicks or with a phone call. Stay tuned and we'll show you how to start saving on your contact lenses.

Wait - can I still get the same benefits if I cancel?

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Buying online doesn't mean that you don't get access to many of the extras often included in a monthly direct debit scheme package. Some of the add-ons that you're paying a lot extra for, such as free replacement lenses, dedicated customer care and easy access to discounted eye tests and aftercare, will still be available to you from Vision Direct - just without the extra cost or commitment. Best of both worlds, right? Our stellar EyeCare+ service encompasses the online and offline services that we offer, including our Eye Care Centre, packed with handy guides. And we actually sell the very same contact lenses you'd find at Specsavers, Vision Express and Boots without the added markup - find what your equivalent is on our optician's own brand equivalent page. You'll often find your go-to lenses are cheaper with us, as we source them directly from the world's most respected contact lens manufacturers including Johnson & Johnson, Bausch & Lomb and CooperVision.

It's important to really pay attention to the reality of some of the benefits your optician might list in their direct debit scheme. For example, you're often not eligible for a free eye test until 28 days after joining a scheme - but that's often buried in the small print. Taking your eye care needs onto your own hands means you'll get to decide when and where you'd like to receive your contact lenses - and you get to save big, too.

Benefits of buying contact lenses online at Vision Direct

  • Next day delivery: order by 11:45pm today, receive home delivery tomorrow
  • Affordable: our prices are up to 45% cheaper than UK high street opticians. Plus, you're guaranteed to get the best deal with our price match promise
  • Premium eye test and contact lens check-up: pay just £25 for an in-person eye health package (worth £50!) from the top-notch optician, David Clulow
  • Convenient: no waiting in queues, travel costs or wasted time
  • No prescription required: although we can confirm with your optician
  • Freedom: no ties. Order wherever, whenever. You can stop at any time
  • Total transparency: you know exactly when and what you're paying, you're in control
  • 365-day guarantee: whether you have a change of heart or prescription, you can return your order unopened within a year
  • Impartial expert advice: contact our knowledgeable in-house opticians at
  • Award-winning service: our UK-based, friendly customer service team is available Monday - Friday 8:00 - 21:00, and Saturday - Sunday 8:00 - 18:00
  • Easy ordering: speedy ordering, 3 click reorders & customer-friendly website
  • Order reminders: we will email or text you to let you know when it's time to reorder, so you'll never run out
  • Trusted: read reviews from customers like you on Trustpilot
  • Save money: with discount codes, offers and savings

Why buying lenses through online subscriptions is not cost-effective

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Recently there's been a rise in online monthly contact lens subscriptions and direct debit payment plans, too. Brands such as Waldo and Hubble have jumped on this trend. Customers signed up for this service pay a monthly charge for 30 daily lenses. We reviewed the Waldo and Hubble subscription packages to see how cost-effective they are and found out the below:

  • They only offer daily lenses - monthlies are often more affordable
  • There's no flexibility, only one lens is available
  • Daily disposable lenses like Acuvue Moist or Dailies AquaComfort are a similar price and better quality
  • Our own daily lens everclear ADM is cheaper
Like Waldo and Hubble we also offer free trials on our own brand daily lenses, everclear ADM and everclear ELITE.

Cancelling direct debit schemes with high street opticians

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How to cancel Specsavers contact lenses subscription:
Also known as Specsavers easycare package, this subscription can be cancelled via your Specsavers optometrist or the call centre on 0808 1720072. If you've received all the contact lenses that you paid for then there's no cancellation period.

How to cancel Boots contact lenses subscription:
the Boots Opticians Contact Lens Rewards scheme doesn't have a minimum agreement term and can be cancelled at any time upon giving 28 days notice. To cancel your plan, you can reach out to their team on 0345 603 2020 or log into your account.

How to cancel Vision Express contact lenses subscription:
you can cancel the Vision Express subscription lens plan, Complete Contact Care, whenever you like, as there’s no minimum length of contract. You can reach out via email at or phone 0800 298 3344. You can also log into your Vision Express account if you want to make any changes.

It's not just the high street opticians offering direct debits schemes for contact lenses, some online retailers also provide subscription plans that are equally as easy to cancel.

How to cancel Waldo subscription:
To cancel your Waldo direct debit, simply call their customer service line on 0203-627-5833.

How to cancel Hubble contacts scheme:
You can cancel your Hubble subscription by calling 1-844-334-1640. Customers in California can also cancel their subscriptions via email at

Prices up to 45% cheaper than the high street

Buying online often works out cheaper too. The table below compares our prices to popular high street providers Vision Express and Boots. These prices are correct as of April 2021. See how much you can save:

Product Price/Box:  Saving/Year: 
Acuvue Oasys £16.99 £125.75
Proclear Toric £13.29 £169.68
Biofinity Toric £15.10 £161.20
Air Optix plus HydraGlyde for Astigmatism £19.94 £164.48
Biofinity £10.75 £136.00
Biofinity Multifocal £25.64 £106.88
Proclear £7.59 £130.72

For dates and details of these price comparisons, please see clause 7.2 of our terms and conditions. Savings include prices for both eyes and take into account optician equivalents.

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