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What if we told you we could make cheap daily contacts available to you at an unbeatable price, with absolutely no compromises on the quality? Meet everclear ADM.

Exclusive to Vision Direct, everclear ADM gives you crisp vision and the ultimate comfort, without breaking the bank. Made from a revolutionary, soft hydrogel formula treated with an ultra-hydrating solution, keeping your eyes comfortable all day long (and your wallet happy). Our optician recommends everclear ADM as an alternative to those wearing Focus Dailies, Soflens, Biomedics 1 Day Extra or Proclear 1 Day daily contact lenses.

Let’s say you switched. How much would you save? can save up to £168 per year if you switched from the bestselling Acuvue Moist, or £120 by switching from Dailies Aquacomfort Plus/Focus Dailies. It’s a no-brainer, right?

LensPer PackPer MonthPer Year
Acuvue Moist£15.99£31.98£383.76
Dailies Aquacomfort Plus / Focus Dailies£13.99£27.98£335.76
everclear ADM£8.99£17.98£215.76

What sets everclear ADM above the rest

  • Their simple wearing pattern makes them ideal for new wearers
  • High water content means your eyes will stay comfortable all day long
  • It's strong UV filter blocks out any harmful sun rays
  • Unique formula gives you clear, high-quality vision
  • Convenient, affordable and hygienic option
  • Unbeatable value for money

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Our real-life, friendly customer service experts are here to help with anything you need, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by mail (, phone (020 7768 5000) or live chat.

Customer reviews

We think you'll love everclear ADM, and our customers do too!

"These lenses are incredible for the price. So comfortable and keep your eyes moist all day! I order others but keep coming back to these!"
Review by Mark (30/10/2018)

"Very comfortable all day long and I can see just as well as with the dearer brand so very good value for money."
Review by Christine (23/10/2018)

"Half the price of my previous lenses and just the same if not better quality. And delivered the next day!"
Review by Clare (19/10/2018)

"I went with Vision Direct's recommendation for these lenses and having only used a different brand for a number of years I was a bit wary to change, but I have to say these are fantastic! Extremely comfortable in the eye & a fantastic price, very happy I changed brand, will order again!"
Review by Rebecca (02/10/2018)

*Terms and conditions: Delivery fee is £3.98. Free online trial packs only available for everclearTM ADM and cannot be transferred to other products. No minimum spend applies. 1 use per customer. When trialling a new lens for the very first time we always recommend consulting your optician first. Always use a correct contact lens prescription when ordering contact lenses.