Hubble contacts equivalent

Hubble contacts equivalent

Hubble contact lenses are equivalent to everclear ADM

  • everclear ADM disposable lenses are compatible with Hubble prescriptions
  • Not tied to a monthly subscription - no need to cancel anything!
  • Save £6 per month if you switch from Hubble
  • Order Hubble contact lenses equivalents with or without a prescription

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Comparison Hubble everclear ADM
Type of Lens Daily lenses Daily lenses
Correction Myopia or Hyperopia Myopia or Hyperopia
Material Hydrogel (Methafilicon A) Hydrogel (Hioxifilicon A)
Water Content 55% 55%
Oxygen Permeability 18 Dk/t 19.7 Dk/t
UVA/UVB protection Yes Yes

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