Hydrogen Peroxide Contact Lens Solution

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  • Using hydrogen peroxide contact lens solution requires a little more work than multi-purpose solution, but is great for a truly deep clean. We stock a range of hydrogen peroxide solutions such as Oxysept 1Step and AOsept Plus Hydraglyde, perfect for when you want to ensure your lenses stay as clean as possible.

    What are hydrogen peroxide contact lens solutions and why are they important?

    When you wear monthly or weekly contact lenses, a regular cleaning routine is essential for keeping your lenses safe to use and comfortable. This involves rinsing and washing your contact lenses at the end of each day, and storing them in solution overnight.

    Hydrogen peroxide contact lens solutions can be either a 1-step or 2-step process. Both require that the solution is neutralized so that it becomes saline and is safe for your eyes. In 1-step systems, you place your lenses in a holder within a lens case, fill it with solution and a special material inside the case then neutralises the solution. For a 2-step system, the lenses are stored in hydrogen peroxide for a short while before a neutralising agent is added.

    When using a hydrogen peroxide solution, it’s important that you follow the instructions that come with it. If the peroxide isn’t neutralised it can cause harm to your eyes, so taking care with this solution is vital. The process is easy to learn, however, meaning you can enjoy clean and fresh feeling lenses that are as comfortable at the start of the day as they are at the end.

    What are the benefits of using hydrogen peroxide contact lens solutions?

    Hydrogen peroxide contact solutions are often recommended by eye care professionals for people with sensitive eyes. One of the key reasons for this is that they don’t contain any preservatives. Some of the most well-known multi-purpose solutions contain preservatives which, although they’re fine for most people, can irritate some eyes. Hydrogen peroxide contact solution is therefore a good alternative for anyone who has suffered discomfort from their contact lens solution before.

    As hydrogen peroxide is a strong cleaning agent, one of the main reasons to use one of these solutions is that they are exceptionally effective at removing dirt from your lenses. This thorough disinfection makes sure that your lenses are as clear and comfortable as they can possibly be when you use them each day.

    Our most popular hydrogen peroxide contact lens solutions

    Oxysept 1 Step

    Oxysept 1 Step

    Oxysept 1 Step utilises all the power of hydrogen peroxide, introducing a neutralising agent as late as possible to make sure that your lenses get a longer and more intense level of cleaning. Each box contains 3x300ml bottles with 90 neutralising tablets for 3 months of lens cleaning and care.

    AOSept Plus HydraGlyde

    AOSept Plus HydraGlyde

    Combining Alcon’s HydraGlyde moisture matrix technology with the power of a hydrogen peroxide contact lens solution, this solution thoroughly cleans your lenses and locks in moisture for comfort that lasts all days. Preservative-free and designed with protein removal in mind, the solution embeds itself on the surface of your lens to continually provide hydration to your eyes while you wear your lenses.

    Refine One Step

    Refine One Step

    CooperVision’s Refine Step, formerly Sauflon Multi, is an all-in-one hydrogen peroxide solution designed to clean all types of lenses. The solution effectively removes all protein deposits or bacteria that have gathered on the lens surface, all without using any preservatives. This makes Refine One Step a perfect choice for those who have slightly more sensitive eyes.

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