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  • everclear is a range of affordable and comfortable contact lenses exclusive to Vision Direct. Developed by a variety of well-respected contact lens manufacturers, the selection includes the bestselling everclear ADM, everclear ELITE and everclear PLUS. Simply click the product list tab to further explore the selection.

    Many of our customers already trust everclear to provide the solution to their everyday eye care needs. Fantastic value for money and comfort are just a few of the many reasons the brand continues to grow in popularity. Whether you need daily disposable lenses like everclear ADM and everclear ELITE, or monthlies including everclear AIR and everclear UV, you'll find options to suit. There's also the bi-weekly everclear PLUS.

    With such a wide selection to choose from, there's bound to be an everclear lens that fits your prescription, wearing habits and budget.

    everclear products: Which one is right for me?

    Daily everclear lenses

    everclear ADM

    • Type of lens: Daily
    • Price point: £10.99
    • Average customer rating:

    Our optician says: "Made from the market-leading hydrogel material, Hioxifilcon, this is the smoothest and most comfortable daily lens available. The lens surface is highly breathable, thanks to the application of a special solution, this means the eyes stay moist throughout wear and healthy eyesight is prolonged. everclear ADM is ideal for wearers who value a daily lens which can be worn for a full 24 hours without irritation."

    A free trial of everclear ADM is now available.

    everclear ELITE

    Our optician says: "Made from silicone hydrogel which allows oxygen to pass easily to the eyes, everclear ELITE boosts healthy eyes. These hydrophilic lenses are fantastic at retaining water, fantastic for users with dry eyes. These lenses give you clear vision for the whole day."

    A free trial of everclear Elite is now available.

    Two weekly everclear lenses

    everclear PLUS

    • Type of lens: Two weekly
    • Price point: £12.99
    • Switch from: Acuvue Advance
    • Upgrade to: Currently best in market

    Our optician says: "These bi-weekly contact lenses are extremely convenient as they can be worn for 14 consecutive days, just always remember to remove them before bed. And, with easy overnight storage plus a blue handling tint, there's no hassle. If you prefer not to change lenses everyday — but yet are concerned about hygiene — bi-weekly lenses are the perfect compromise between the choice of daily and monthly lenses."

    Monthly everclear lenses

    everclear AIR

    • Type of lens: Monthly
    • Price point: £8.49
    • Switch from: Biofinity, Air Optix Aqua
    • Upgrade to: Currently best in market

    Our optician says: "These lenses are designed to be worn for 30 consecutive days provided they are cleaned and stored suitably each night. That's why they've been created with comfort and hygiene in mind. They also feature a UV A & B filter, helping to protect your eyes against damaging sun rays."

    A trial of everclear Air is now available.

    everclear UV Lenses

    everclear UV

    • Type of lens: Monthly
    • Price point: £5.99
    • Average customer rating:
    • Switch from: Proclear, Biomedics 55
    • Upgrade to: Currently best in market

    Our optician says: "These are one of the most comfortable and ultra-breathable monthly lenses we stock. Thanks to Edge-Lift technology, everclear UV helps limit sun damage to the eye. They block 90% of harmful UV A & B rays, giving your eyes added daily protection."

    What our customers are saying: everclear product reviews

    everclear ADM

    "I used to use Specsavers Vitrea before, so these were the closest in terms of similarity, and also excellent value for money at half the price."
    Review by Lava

    everclear ELITE

    "Great contact lenses - I wore these on one eye and Dailies Total 1 on the other, and they felt the same! And the price is just great!"
    Review by Monika

    everclear UV

    "This is my first time ordering with Vision Direct and it was great! The everclear Aura UV contacts are simple to put in and are very comfortable. Clear and crisp vision is what I wanted and it's great to see without blurriness!"
    Review by Candace

    everclear history

    everclear is a range of monthly, two weekly and daily contact lenses, solutions and eye drops exclusive to Vision Direct. In recent years the brand has branched out of the popular Aura range of contact lenses. Today you can no longer buy Aura branded products. However, the old lenses you love are here, new and improved, under the distinctive everclear branding.

    If you previously wore Aura, the wide everclear range will suit your needs. For instance, Aura ADM wearers will find an ideal replacement in everclear ADM. On the other hand, everclear UV is suitable for wearers of Aura UV. If you're considering wearing everclear lenses but are unsure which lenses are similar to your Aura lenses please refer to the information tab for each individual product.

    2011 - Aura UV is launched as an alternative affordable lens to what was then available. Manufactured by R&L Vision, Aura UV featured innovative Edge-Lift technology, which allowed more oxygen to pass to eye than many other lenses. Aura UV was particularly well known for keeping the corners of the eyes moist.

    2012 - Launched in 2012, Aura ADM was attractively priced, and in various ways was comparable to existing lenses, but they had the advantage of being treated with a special hydrogel solution for increased comfort. This meant users favoured them over many other daily lenses.

    2017 - The whole range is revamped and renamed everclear. everclear is available exclusively on Vision Direct.

    • everclear ELITE comes to market. A comfortable lens which locks in moisture for up to 12 hours, ELITE can replace 1-Day Acuvue Trueye, Clariti 1 Day and MYDay.
    • everclear AIR is launched as an extremely competitively priced monthly lens. The high-water content of this lens keeps eyes moisturised all day, which helps for avoiding digital screen strain. You can wear these if you've previously worn Air Optix Aqua or Biofinity.
    • everclear PLUS 2-weekly lenses were released in 2017. They can be worn for 14 consecutive days, making them more convenient than daily lenses. For users concerned about hygiene, everclear PLUS is also a better option than monthly lenses. Wear Acuvue Oasys or Acuvue Advance, why not give everclear PLUS a go and upgrade?
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