How to take care of your eyes in winter

Thursday, 23 January 2020 by Vision Direct

Winter and contact lenses

Winter is here and even though most of us could hibernate until April, it would be a shame to miss out on cozy evenings under the blanket drinking hot chocolate! But the harsh winter months can take their toll, so if you're having trouble adjusting, just imagine how your eyes feel... Fear not, we know how you can cope with those wintry months and we're here to help!

Avoiding dry eyes this winter

Maybe switch your wearing pattern

Monthly contact lenses are a great option if you're trying to be price savvy. However they come with the cost of a cleaning routine, it's not a difficult one, you do just leave them in solution overnight and pop in the next day. But when winter comes, it usually brings it's good friends "super cold air" and "teary dry eyes" along with it. Daily disposable contact lenses are designed to be worn and replaced every day so if they are causing you discomfort you just take them out and throw them away... Switching to daily lenses is the most effective way to make your contact lenses comfortable on blustery walks this winter.

Avoid hot dry air

We know, we know, there's nothing more cozy than having the heating on full blast when the cold wind is howling outside. But don't give way to temptation; overheating tends to dry the air out, as well as your eyes! Making them itchy and red. Opt for a sweater or an extra blanket this winter, rather than compromising on your contact lens comfort.

The real heroes this time of year? Eye drops!

Although we don't recommend them for any occasion (as your lenses should offer complete comfort and hydration) eye drops help to ease seasonal changes. Try our own brand exclusive everclear eye drops. They're perfect for sensitive dry eyes and offer the best value for money.

January is the perfect time to focus on health, and eye health is no different

Eye drops for dry eyes

Protect your eyes

Hot and confined environments are the perfect situations for bacteria growth, ew. To stay healthy and protect your eyes from infections, the NHS recommends opening your windows everyday to improve ventilation and get some fresh air. As for your room's temperature, you should set it to 19°c and avoid changing too often during the day.

Hydration is key

The skin around your eyes is there to protect. It's also the thinnest skin on your body and consequently the most delicate. To keep it fresh and hydrated don't forget to drink your 1.2 litres of water per day and to hydrate your skin with a gentle hypoallergenic eye contour cream. It might not seem like much but this tip can really brighten your cold winter days and can soothe the whole area around your eye, which ultimately will help you feel more comfortable with your contact lenses.

Itchy eyes? Remember what you get told as a kid: don't rub them!

Flu symptoms mixed with dry cold air tend to make your eyes feel uncomfortable and gritty, at times sore. (We know, genuinely where are the perks to all this harsh winter weather?). Rubbing only makes things worse and can slightly misplace your lenses so listen to your parents' good old piece of advice and resist the temptation of rubbing your gritty eyes. Instead, relieve symptoms with everclear eye drops. This product is easy to apply, offers a quick relief and is suitable for use with all lenses.

Braving the elements: your eyes outside

Winter weather eyes

UV protection

Whether you're spending your winter holidays skiing or staying in the city, remember harmful UV rays aren't just a summer thing. We're exposed to UV-A and UV-B all year round, even on cloudy days. Some of our contact lenses are designed with a filter protecting your eyes from UV-A and B. Don't forget to also protect your skin with moisturising cream with spf.

Protection goggles

Whether you're skiing or hiking this winter, make sure your holidays stay perfect and enjoyable with some good quality protection goggles. Pick a pair with high UV resistance to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, as well as small particles carried by the wind and likely to end up in your eyes.

Avoid digital eye strain

Screens are a huge part of our daily life and eye strain is an all year round issue. But with darker days, cold air and flu like symptoms circulating round your work space, winter tends to make everything that little bit worse. That's why you should be particularly mindful of eye strain this time of year: Try taking your lunch outside, take regular breaks from your screen and put your phone away 30 minutes before sleeping.

More questions?

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