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Everything we do is designed to make buying contact lenses online easier, more efficient and more secure. With the insider knowledge and vast optics experience of our eye care professionals, we can do this with pride. They inform every decision we make, and are integral to our goal of making it quick and simple for everyone to order contact lenses online. Whether it's launching a new product, optimising our shipping, improving our customer services or giving advice on prescriptions, our eye care professionals lead the way.

Meet our experts

Benjamin Dumaine, Head of Business Development

Benjamin Dumaine, Head of Business Development

Benjamin graduated with a Bachelor's Degree from the Institut Supérieur d'Optique, Lyon, before working as director and optometrist for a franchise of the respected french optical expert Alain Afflelou for almost 7 years.

In 2012 Benjamin became Purchasing Manager for AmexBV, a trading company of Vision Direct in the Netherlands. In this position he had responsibility for selecting an attractive inventory of vision care products to satisfy our customers eye care needs. He has also held the role of Head Optician at Vision Direct since 2012. In December 2014, Benjamin became Operations Manager in The Netherlands. He later moved to Head of Business Development for Europe. Keep an eye out for his clear expert advice on how to wear contacts safely and comfortably around the website.

What's your #1 eye care tip/advice?

Apart from always purchasing your contact lenses from Vision Direct? Remember to wear your sunglasses both summer and winter. As we age, UV damage is one of the biggest challenges we can easily deal with.