Could you save up to 45% just by cancelling your contact lens direct debit?

Monday, 18 January 2016 by David Blabey

After completing a contact lens trial, most high street opticians will ask you to sign up to their direct debit scheme. While these monthly subscriptions often appear to offer great value for money, actually they can end up costing you quite a lot more due to additional charges on top of the cost of your lenses.

By comparing costs between opticians and online retailers you can get the best possible price on your contact lenses and save up to 45%.

compare contact lens prices at Vision Direct to prices at your opticians

Top 5 reasons our customers ditched their direct debits:

1. Unnecessary aftercare

Most high street opticians will include a free aftercare plan as part of their direct debit service. The only problem with this is, most people on a direct debit plan don’t use or need it. Even if you do need to see an optician, the £15-35 cost is often easily outweighed by the savings you’ll make by purchasing online.

2. Way too much solution

Every three months, high street stores will usually send out a couple of bottles of solution along with your lenses. However, you’ve usually not even opened one of them by the time the next two come. Eventually you have a whole shelf in your cupboard dedicated to contact lens solution that just never ever gets used.

3. Contacts you don’t need

Matt Camfield

High street opticians will send you the same amount of lenses every month like clockwork. Often it’s the exact amount you need to cover all three months to the day. But what if you don’t need that many this month? Some users like to give their eyes a rest and wear glasses for a couple of days, while others might be going away on holiday and want to switch to daily lenses for a while.

4. Overpriced lenses

Vision Direct can beat even the most discounted high street prices. For instance, the high street price of a one year supply of Biofinity lenses reaches around £222. Compare that to the £91.48 charged at Vision Direct and you can see how much of a saving you can make online.

5. Inflexible plans

Direct debit plans are often pretty inflexible. While on a monthly plan it’s difficult to change the type or even the amount of lenses you are sent every month. When you purchase all your lenses online, it’s easy to order exactly the lenses you need, when you need them

Could you be saving more on contact lenses?

Many of our customers find that the low prices available on Vision Direct completely outweigh the benefits of sticking with their high street optician. Because Vision Direct stocks a huge range of lenses, you’re sure to find a brand you know and trust just by browsing our site. Even own brand contact lenses have comparable versions available online, often from exactly the same manufacturer.

Why not check out the list of Boots or Specsavers equivalent contact lenses we stock on our website and find out how much you could be saving every month?

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