Our guide to wearing your contact lenses this summer

Friday, 27 May 2016 by David Blabey

The sun is finally starting to shine, and summer is now officially underway. But while you’re out enjoying the heat, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure your eyes stay fresh, clean and healthy.

Here are a few of our top tips on wearing contact lenses this summer.

1. Keep UV at bay

UV rays can be just as damaging to your eyes as it can to your skin. So while you’re picking up some sun tan lotion for the months ahead, make sure you also have a good pair of sunglasses as well.

Many contact lenses will also have the ability to block UV rays, but they are nowhere near as strong as sunglasses and don’t make good replacements. That said, it’s worth combining sunglasses and UV protective lenses to ensure you block out as many harmful rays as possible.

2. Choose the right sun tan lotion

Talking of sun tan lotion, the wrong one can quickly become a problem for your eyes. If you’ve found that your eyes tend to sting while you’re putting on your sunscreen, see if you can find a brand that’s much gentler on your skin and won’t harm your eyes if some accidentally reaches them.

It’s also worth avoiding putting in your contact lenses right after you have put on sun tan lotion. Make sure that any creams or liquids are away from your hands before you even take your contact lenses out of their casing.

3. Take contacts out before swimming

Swimming is an amazing way to cool off on a summer’s day, but remember that water and contact lenses just don’t mix. Not only can it cause your lenses to swell and become uncomfortable, there are also microorganisms in any body of water that can be harmful to your eyes.

If you do need to see while you’re in the water, swimming goggles can be fitted with your prescription to provide you with crisp, clear vision at the pool. It’s worth asking your optician about whether you would benefit from a pair.

4. Keep your eyes hydrated

Everything from a hot sunny day to air conditioning can mean your eyes slowly become drier and more irritated over time. Eye drops can help you keep your eyes refreshed, encouraging your eyes to become naturally moist and allowing you to wear your lenses for longer.

Before you put in eye drops though, ensure they work properly whilst wearing your lenses. Some will be more effective than others.

5. Carry a travel pack

If you're heading out on holiday, a contact lens travel pack can be really useful. They don't take up a lot of room in your luggage and have everything you need to keep your eyes clean and fresh while you're away.

Check out our top Travel packs below.

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