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Loyal members of the monthlies club, we get you! If it ain't broke, don't fix it, right? Nobody likes to shake up their eye care schedule - but, sometimes it's really needed to make you see that there's a much better alternative out there. Yup - we're talking about daily disposable contact lenses - a whippy wearing pattern, with an endless bounty of benefits.

Stay with us, as we take a deep dive into the perks and the easy-peasy process of making the switch from monthlies (without having to update your prescription).

Why you should switch today

Super comfy

Dailies are thinner, allowing more oxygen through

Piggy bank

Wear them whenever you want without any waste

Customer satisfaction

Majorly hygienic:
Start each day with a fresh pair

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Do you find monthlies a mission?

Bothered by bedtime because it means dealing with the cleaning routine? Sick of sorting out all those extra supplies and solutions? Sounds like it's time to finish with the faff and convert to dailies ASAP, especially if any of the below rings a bell:

  • Dry eyes or eye allergies are the norm
  • The cleaning routine stresses you out
  • You like to wear your glasses sometimes
  • You hate lugging around solution and storage cases
  • You like to give your eyes a break during the day
  • You occasionally use lenses for sport
  • You want lenses that are super-comfy

Treat your eyes to everclear ADM with code TRY5

If you're feeling convinced then go on and nab 2 free trial packs of everclear ADM - our bestselling contact lenses that are incredibly comfy to boot! We're not about subscriptions, so you won't be tied down to anything either (pinky-promise!). Plus, your monthlies prescription is completely transferable - and if dailies don't do it for you, you can always switch back (we doubt it though).

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About everclear ADM

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Exclusive to Vision Direct, everclear ADM promises all-day comfort and crystal-clear vision from breakfast to bedtime. Designed from a soft hydrogel formula, complete with an ultra-hydrating solution, these lenses will give your eyes an extra boost of moisture when they need it most.

Our optician recommends everclear ADM as a perfect daily alternative to these monthly lenses:

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Benefits of daily disposable lenses

With a much thinner surface than monthlies, dailies allow more oxygen to pass through to your peepers - making them feel super-comfy and hydrated at all times - huzzah!

Perfect for sports:
After a sweaty session on the field or court, you can simply take out your dailies, and put in a new set post-shower, allowing your eyes to always feel squeaky clean - what a win!

More hygienic:
As you pop in a fresh pair of dailies in the morning, there's no time for a build-up of nasty deposits to irritate your eyes or cause infections like chalazia, or styes.

Low maintenance lenses are a big yes from us, and as dailies don't require any form of cleaning or storing (yawn), they're a complete breeze to use compared to monthlies.

Good news for your wallet - if you don't wear your lenses every day - a 30 pack will last you longer than 30 days.

Easy to transport:
Light packers rejoice! You don't need solutions or extra bits for dailies, which makes travelling, especially through airports, a piece of cake.

Hear it from those who made the switch

Image of Michael from Kent

"I work in a garden centre, with soil and dust everywhere, making dailies a much better choice for me, as I can take them out when they get dirty, pop in a new pair, and just get on with things."
Michael, Kent

Image of Kate from London

"My boyfriend and I are doing long distance - whenever I go visit him, I always have a stash of my dailies at his flat and don't have to bring solution with me."
Kate, London

Image of Siobhan from Newcastle

"Dailies saved my life, as I'm always travelling, and I really don't have time for an eye care routine. Plus, at the end of a long day, putting my lenses in solution is the last thing on my mind - I just want to throw them away and get into bed!"
Siobhan, Newcastle

Terms & Conditions
When trialling a new lens for the very first time, we always recommend consulting your optician first. Always use a correct contact lens prescription when ordering contact lenses.

Additional information

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