Beach tips for contact lens wearers

Wednesday, 30 June 2021 by Vision Direct

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The beach is calling and it's officially time to get sorted for a day of suntanning, swimming, and all the soft serves. If you're an occasional contact lens wearer, obviously leaving your specs at home is the best idea, but don't forget to bring along those eye care essentials. Unsure of where to start? No worries - our in-house opticians have assembled a checklist to ensure your break by the sea is completely stress-free.

Choose daily contact lenses

Picture this: you're found the perfect spot, assembled your setup, including an umbrella positioned at just the right angle and then suddenly, a sneaky grain of sand gets stuck in your eye. This incident is annoying to say the least, as you'll need to take your lenses out (with clean hands!) and rinse out your eyes. If you happen to be a monthlies wearer, this already unlucky event could throw a serious spanner in your sunbathing session. The sand, or the hasty removal process without the correct cleaning solution, could damage the lens, so you won't be able to use it again and have to spend the rest of the day in a blur. However, opting for daily disposable contact lenses makes an awkward moment like this a breeze, as you can simply take out your lens and use a fresh, backup one from your bag. Make sure to add a pack of Soap Sheets to your eye care essentials too, so you can disinfect your hands before applying or removing your lenses in a flash.

A box everclear ELITE contact lenses

Try everclear ELITE

Exclusive to Vision Direct, everclear ELITE contact lenses are incredibly comfy and convenient, with an ultra-hydrating formula perfect for those with dry eyes, locking in moisture throughout your beach days. These daily disposable lenses are made with a silicone hydrogel material, ensuring your eyes stay and look healthy for up to 12 hours, free from irritations and itchiness. If a lens does get sandy or wet, you can take it out, throw it away, and pop in a fresh one, easy-peasy. Plus, UV blocking offers an extra layer of defence against harmful sun rays during your tanning sessions.

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Improve your sun protection

We shouldn't have to remind you of the importance of lathering up on sunscreen, especially before a beach day. Try to apply a layer around your eyes, as this area of skin is among the most delicate on your body and prone to sun damage - a gentle moisturiser or eye cream with SPF works best to avoid any stinging. Also, rather put on sunscreen at home - this way, you don't have to deal with the outdoor elements or sand getting stuck to you. Include a hat (the wide-brimmed ones do the trick) in your summer wardrobe, as well as a good quality pair of sunglasses. Plus, use contact lenses with a UV filter for an extra level of protection against harmful rays that can increase your risk of eye conditions down the line.

Stash away lens solution & eye drops

Like we've said, monthlies on the beach are a mission, but if you're committed to a longer wearing pattern, it's useful to keep a lens case and travel-sized bottle of solution on hand. Scenarios like getting sand in your eye, or when you want to remove your lenses to swim will be made easier if you can clean and store them on the spot. A bottle of eye drops, like our gentle everclear Eye Drops, will also never go amiss, particularly if your eyes become irritated from the saltwater, sunscreen or the smoke of a beach BBQ. To hold all of your eye care essentials together on the move, go for a handy travel case, as well as a compact LED Mirror.

Invest in goggles for swimming

Time to cool off in the sea? Make sure to remove your lenses before swimming - as getting them wet is a serious no-no. Water regardless of where it's from contains harmful bacteria, which can infect your eyes, possibly causing nasty eye conditions. Plus, water can change the shape of your lenses, making them uncomfortable to wear and blurring your vision. If you don't have another option, but to swim with your lenses, you'll need to invest in tight-fitting waterproof swimming goggles. Again, dailies work really well here, as you can throw them away afterwards and replace them with a new pair. Alternatively, you can buy prescription goggles - these are custom-made like glasses and will correct your sight while you soak.

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Stay hydrated & stock up on snacks

Bringing a water bottle with you is obviously a no-brainer! But make sure to drink up in-between your other boozy beverages. As alcohol is a diuretic, it causes your body to remove fluids at a quicker rate, meaning you'll get dehydrated much quicker. This effect paired with constant sun exposure could result in uncomfortable, dry eyes and a horrible hangover, which nobody wants to deal with. Why not throw some refreshing snacks into your cooler box or picnic basket, too? We're talking moisture-boosting and water-rich fruits, like watermelon, strawberries, peaches and grapes, that are all excellent for improving your overall eye health.

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