6 awkward moments with contact lenses

Wednesday, 3 February 2021 by Vision Direct

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We love our contact lenses and on the whole, they make life so much easier. However, if you wear them often enough, there's bound to have been a time when things didn't go according to plan. Not to worry though! We've employed the help of our eager optical experts to round up 6 classically awkward moments, along with a few clues on how to cut the cringe in the future.

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Slicing chillies

Picture the scene: you're whipping up a delicious meal, and to spice it up, you've added some sliced chillies. Later that night, when you're removing your lenses, or innocently rubbing your eye, you're gripped by an intense and horrible burning sensation. You've forgotten to wash your hands properly after chopping away, and now your peepers are on fire.

Contact lens wearers need to be especially careful when it comes to maintaining thorough hand hygiene to avoid any nasty eye infections or injuries. Post-cooking of any form, make sure your hands are spotless by washing them with soap and water for at least 20 seconds and drying with a clean, lint-free towel. If you don't have access to clean water, then disinfectant hand gel can be used. Just allow it to dry before touching your eyes to prevent any stinging, or irritation. If there's no soap or hand gel nearby, our nifty soap sheets are the eco-friendly and alcohol-free answer to disinfecting your hands while on the go.

Putting your lens in the wrong way

It's the morning, you've hit snooze too many times, and you're rushing to get on with your day. You pop your contact lenses in at the speed of light and get cracking with your morning routine. Maybe the world is a bit blurry to begin with, or you're too preoccupied with other things, so you might not notice that one of your lenses is actually facing the wrong way. We doubt that it will be too long before you realise that the lens doesn't feel right and quite shortly it'll fall out, leaving you to start the whole process again. Luckily, we've put together a guide on how to make sure you don't put your contact lenses on inside out with some handy tricks, which should put a stop to mishaps like this, once and for all.

If you're still new to the contact lens world and are struggling to master the removal and application process, don't stress! Our in-house opticians have created some video tutorials to break each step down. Remember to be patient with yourself and find what works best - it just takes a bit of practice, and you'll be a pro in no time (pinky-promise!).

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Falling asleep with your lenses in

It's been a long old day and you're looking forward to a well-earned rest. You've brushed your teeth, settled down in bed, and it's lights out. Finally, you start to doze off, and then 'bam' - the realisation hits you. Your lenses are still in. Now, you've got to leave that cosy bed and take them out, either throwing your dailies away or cleaning and storing your monthlies in solution. Still, at least it's better than waking up with sore, dry eyes. Yup, by not taking them out, your lenses will limit the amount of oxygen and moisture that reaches your eyes, causing them to feel really uncomfortable in the morning.

If you realise the morning after, stay calm, and don't remove your lenses right away, as you could irritate your eyes further. Instead, give your lids a gentle massage to produce more moisture, and apply some eye drops for that extra boost of hydration, before taking them out, and maybe switching to your specs for a day or so. When it comes to speedy, gentle and long-lasting relief, our opticians highly recommend everclear Eye Drops - you'll never go anywhere without them again.

Ripping your last monthly lens

You're a monthly wearer, and it's been the full 30 days: time for a new set of lenses! The right one goes in okay, you're not thinking about the left and it rips as you put it in. That's your last lens and you haven't ordered your next month's supply yet. Now what? Understandably, you can't bear the thought of switching to glasses, but, thanks to our superfast next day delivery service, you don't have to! Simply head over to our site, reorder your lenses in 3 speedy clicks, and if you do so before 11:45pm, we'll deliver to your door the very next day. Spend over 59, and your delivery fee is on us - sweet deal, right?

Alternatively, you can opt for daily disposable contact lenses! With dailies, if your lens rips, gets dirty, or lost, you can just put in a new one, as you have a pack to fall back on. The design of a daily lens is much thinner too, allowing more oxygen to reach the eyes, so they feel hydrated and comfy from breakfast to bedtime. Plus, they require zero eye care routine, preventing a build-up of deposits, and they can be cheaper than monthlies, if you don't wear them every day. If you feel ready to make the move - chat to your optometrist, and see what will suit you.

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Spilling contact lens solution

It's a normal day, you've had your breakfast and you're ready to get things started. If you're a dailies wearer, you'll fetch your blister pack, and without thinking, you pull the foil a little too hard and..oops! Big mistake. Everything slows down as you the saline solution rises like a tidal wave and pours over the edge of its container. You can't move quick enough and yep, it's happened again, you've got saline solution all over your outfit.

The answer to this problem is simple: always carefully remove the foil from the packaging when you start using new lenses and don't rush! If you're after more tips to help you out, check out our online Eye Care Centre - a hub of how-guides for happy and healthy eyes. Fancy making your life even easier? Our Contact Lens Essentials Kits are packed with key items to look after your lenses wherever you go - you can choose from a Daily or Monthly version.

Rubbing a lens out of your eye

The worst thing about this is you never know when it's coming! You could be having an important online meeting at work and in the middle of making a great point, you rub your eye, itching your cornea, and out falls your lens. Now, it's awkward enough when something falls out of your eye mid-sentence, but it's even more cringe-worthy when you have to soldier on with an obvious squint.

If your lenses are feeling dry, or you've been wearing them all day, the chances of rubbing a lens out of your eye are especially high. To stop this situation happening, it's best to have eye drops handy at all times. If you want to play it ultra-safe, keep an LED Mirror at hand too - not only is it ideal for dealing with your lenses, but you can also use it to prevent other awkward moments like having food stuck in your teeth, or mascara smudged on your face.

More pros than cons

Although the above situations aren't ideal, there's no doubting that contact lenses have changed your life and vision problems for the better. Whether it's being able to exercise freely, cook comfortably, or simply feel more confident in your appearance - once you start wearing this corrective eyewear, you'll never look back. Just stick with us, and we'll make sure that you get the best quality lenses, without wasting any time or money. Our voucher code page is constantly updated, so keep your eyes peeled for the latest deals and offers, too!

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