Benefits of wearing contact lenses while cooking

Wednesday, 30 December 2020 by Vision Direct

Young lady reading a recipe book in the kitchen

You know us as eyecare experts, but did you know that here at Vision Direct we're also big foodies? Cooking and crystal-clear, uninterrupted vision go hand-in-hand, considering the steamy glasses, greasy hands, dry or watery eyes (ahem, onions) that we all have to deal with during our culinary adventures. Which begs the question: is there a way to enjoy freedom of movement and comfortable vision while cooking? The answer has been in front of your nose all along, hiding behind foggy glasses: contact lenses!

Wearing contact lenses helps you make the most of any activity, but they come particularly handy when it comes to cooking and can be as important as a good recipe book or a quality oven. Let's go over the key benefits of wearing lenses while getting your Gordon Ramsay on.

Man and kid cook together in front of a steamy pot

Forget foggy vision

Picture the scene: you've spent ages making your mum's secret lasagna recipe (and another hour waiting for it to cook) and you can't wait to take it out of the oven and see the results of your hard work. But your glasses steam up the second you open the door and the only thing you can see is grey fog.

With contact lenses, that is a thing of the past! They sit comfortably and securely on your eye's cornea, eliminating the risk of bumping into things or burning yourself while handling a hot tray.

If you're not already enjoying the huge benefits of daily contact lenses, our opticians couldn't recommend them more! Daily lenses are so easy to use and throw away; no need to worry about storing them overnight or rinsing in solution. They're super-hygienic too, as you start each day with a fresh new pair.

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Perfect for new and more seasoned wearers, these lenses also have an in-built UV filter, protecting your eyes from harmful sun rays.

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No more crying when cutting onions

If you don't cry while chopping onions you're either superhuman...or you're wearing contact lenses. The reason onions make us cry is because they release a chemical that enters the front part of the eye (cornea), which is made up of hundreds of nerves. It's that reaction that irritates our eyes, making them itchy and watery.

Contact lenses are designed to stay on that part of your eye and move along with it, which means they conveniently block any onion vapours from irritating your eyes.

Girl with muffins in front of her eyes

Boost your multitasking abilities

One of the biggest benefits of contact lenses is seamless peripheral vision (that's also why they're ideal for exercising). The last thing you need is having interrupted vision when embarking on your culinary adventures! Enjoy full freedom of movement when you're busy multitasking by checking on your crispy spuds, chopping courgettes and stirring a stew all at the same time.

Should you want to check back on the recipe in your old cookbook - the one printed in the smallest font possible - you won't need to squint or look for your glasses when the sauce is bubbling on the stove. This is especially useful if you have presbyopia, the common eye condition that makes it difficult to focus up-close, as you can wear multifocal lenses and not have to worry about switching through multiple pairs of glasses.

Keep your dirty hands off

You can't say you're cooking if your hands are not dirty. The annoying thing about cooking while wearing glasses is that they require a lot of fiddling with, as they often slide down your nose. The last thing you want is to use your oily, buttery hands to push them back up! Plus, you'll never have to worry about them falling on your chopping board when you bend forward to check your cut sizes.

Top tip: contact lenses are super handy, no doubt, but remember not to touch your eyes right after handling spicy ingredients! Leave bird's eye chilli seasoning for your fajitas and remember to wash your hands after dealing with any ingredient that can be harmful to your eyes and make your lenses feel uncomfortable. Having said that, even the best chefs are known to be prone to accidents, so this is another situation where daily disposable contact lenses will do the trick. You simply remove them, rinse your eyes (and hands) and start again with a fresh pair and a lesson learned.

Myth: can contact lenses melt while cooking?

This is a popular myth about contact lenses, but it couldn't be further from the truth. For starters, contact lenses are made of hydrogel, which is a flexible material with a melting point of 3 times the highest possible body temperature. Your eyes can't physically reach that temperature - unless they were literally on the stove. If that was the case, your contact lenses would be the least of your problems! So all in all, wearing your lenses while cooking is not just practically beneficial, but 100% safe.

In reality, if you have sensitive eyes, they might feel a bit dry or irritated due to extensive steam or heat after a long day in the kitchen. In this case, don't rub your eyes as this would make things worse, but follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. Wash your hands carefully
  2. Remove your contact lenses
  3. Apply some good eye drops for instant relief and hydration.

Your happy eyes are back!

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