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Glasses designs for men

Prescription glasses come in thousands of styles, colours and designs of available to suit any man. Whether you prefer vintage specs or a slightly geekier look to your frames, you’ll be able to find a pair that match your unique style.

What are the best glasses for men?

The real answer to this question is all of them, there are no rules saying men can’t wear a certain glasses colour, design or style. However, many use their face shape as a rough guide to picking out the kind of glasses that might suit their look. Check out our guide to find out which face shape you have.

Square faces: Glasses with soft, rounded lines tend to suit this face shape, as circular or oval frames will be a nice contrast against strong features.

Round faces: Angular or rectangle frames help elongate a face, making them perfect for those with rounder, softer features.

Oval faces: Oval faces can be extremely versatile and work with any style, so you can usually just pick up the frames you feel most comfortable in.

Heart faces: Heart shaped faces can also benefit from rounder frames, as they help balance out your features. Rimless glasses can also be used for a more subtle style.

Choosing your material

Men’s glasses tend to come in two main materials, metal and plastic. While there are different metals and plastics that can be used to produce a frame, they all tend to have the same style.

Metal frames: These tend to be much thinner than their plastic counterparts and usually include nose pads for comfort. Metal frames can offer a shine that plastic frames can’t provide, allowing gold or silver colours to shine against your temples. Matte colours are also popular, gunmetal or black frames offer a more urban look.

Plastic frames: Plastic frames tend to be naturally more comfortable than metal thanks to the moulded nose bridge. However, this also means they often only last between 2-5 years compared to the longer shelf life of metal frames. With plastic frames, all options are open when it comes to colour. This means you can add a dash of bright and bold colour and style to your natural features.

Men’s Eyewear Trends

The current trends tend to lean towards a very retro inspired design. Reds and browns are very stylish right now, making funky tortoiseshell patterns highly sort after.

More than anything though, thick rims are incredibly popular. 70’s inspired thick rimmed spectacles are flying off the shelves, made all the more desirable thanks to the recent influx of retro inspired TV shows and movies. In other words, many people would rather be Clarke Kent these days than superman.

In fact, men’s glasses are so in style right now that many fashion icons are wearing frames without any corrective lenses. Because glasses can be purchased completely plano or without lenses all together, everyone from movie stars to top athletes have been seen wearing their favourite frames.

Picking the right size

If you’re used to wearing glasses, you may have noticed that some frames come with their size written across the arms. These can be very useful when purchasing Men’s glasses online.

The numbers represent the size of the lens in the frame, the size of the bridge across the nose and finally the length of the arms. Comparing these to the glasses you are looking at online will give you a good idea of how they will feel on your face.

It’s worth remembering that what isn’t measured here is the thickness or the weight of the frames themselves, which could mean one set feels different to another with the same measurements. However, frames can be gently adjusted for your comfort by an optician or simply by gently tightening and loosening the screws around the glasses.

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