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Why you should order your glasses online

Buying your glasses from a trusted and reputable website is easy, you just need to know your prescription or have it to hand. There are lots of advantages:

  • Price: Because most online glasses retailers don’t have retail stores, they can save on running costs and pass those savings on to you. Sometimes a pair of specs can be as much as 20 - 30% cheaper online vs. the high street. That's why it's worth shopping around to get the best price, or ordering from a website with a price match guarantee.
  • Convenience: There’s no need to trek out to the high street and spend time waiting in line at the opticians to buy your glasses. When you purchase online you can simply select a style you like, check the fit, enter your prescription details and order.
  • Choice: Often there are only a few styles to choose from when you purchase your glasses from an optician, with limited colour options for each frame. When you buy online you can often choose from a much wider selection of both men's and women's frames and colour choices. Different websites may stock different variations of the frame you like, so if you prefer one style but can’t find the right colour, have a quick search to see if someone else sells it.

How to order glasses online:

Sending us your prescription

When you order glasses with Vision Direct, you have the choice of uploading a photo of your prescription online, or having us check with your optician. Uploading a photo is the fastest way to do so and can be done before or after checkout. We're also happy to contact your optician for you and check what your prescription is, if you provide us with their details. It will take a little bit longer for your glasses to arrive if you do choose this, but it's a good idea if you can't find your prescription!

Select a frame that suits you and fits well

When selecting a style and shape for your glasses, think about what’s going to be comfortable and practical to wear, while flattering your face. Your glasses should fit comfortably yet firmly on your face to avoid them slipping off or pressing too tightly and causing headaches. Make sure that you measure a pair of glasses you have at home from arm to arm, across the bridge and from pupil to pupil (this measurement is known as your pupilary distance, or PD). Make a note of these measurements and enter them if prompted by the website you're ordering from, to ensure that your new glasses fit correctly.

While you may not be able to try on pairs of glasses physically when buying online, depending on what options the website you're using offers, there are lots of ways to help ensure you purchase a pair you're happy with:

Face shape guides

face shape finder

Face shape guides can help you select the right pair of glasses based on your unique look and style. Determining your face shape (round, square, oval or heart) will help you to ensure that your glasses fit correctly and flatter you.

Using an online face shape guide is a helpful way to determine your face shape. You can use our #MyFaceShapeIs tool to see which sunglasses shapes and colours suit your face shape, hair colour and skin tone, then use this information to help you select your prescription glasses.

"Trying on” your glasses virtually

Some online retailers offer you the option to “try on” your glasses using virtual tools that fit an image of your face to the frames. While these can be interesting to try they are sometimes not super accurate in the way they map the glasses to your image and can provide confusing results. In many cases it's better to have an idea of your face shape and select a style that suits your shape rather than deciding on which pair to order based on a tool like this.

Quick tips from our optician for buying your glasses online

  • Backup glasses always come in handy. You might want to consider investing in a second pair, just in case your main pair ends up lost or broken. Look out for incentives that include discounts on buying two pairs together.
  • Regular eye tests are very important for prescription glasses wearers, to ensure that your glasses correct your vision perfectly. Buying online is easy and convenient, but don’t forget to visit your optician once a year to have your eyes tested thoroughly.
  • Check the returns policy before you buy. The comfort and fit of your glasses is very important and sometimes after you wear them for several days you may want to return them. Check the small print on the website you use to purchase your glasses before buying to ensure they have a transparent and fair returns policy which gives you time to test drive them properly.

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