Wearing Contact Lenses: Everything you need to know

Over the years, contact lenses have had an undeniably positive impact on our daily lives. Gone are the days when correcting your eyesight was expensive, time-consuming and impractical! They not only provide you with clear and comfortable vision, but they’re also incredibly versatile, whatever your work schedule. From athletes to fashionistas, nature aficionados to gamers and every lifestyle in between: contact lenses can get you that all-clear vision while keeping your life fuss-free.

At Vision Direct, we are committed to helping lens wearers of all backgrounds and daily routines make the most of their contact lenses. Our team of knowledgeable opticians has put together a list of life hacks, do’s and don’ts and useful tips on how to live life to the fullest through your contact lenses.

Switch it up: Dailies vs Monthlies

Where do you stand in this popular dilemma? Daily contact lenses are a favourite among lens wearers, as they are hygienic, comfortable and more convenient. Are you currently a monthly wearer looking to make your life a lot easier? Try switching from monthlies to dailies.

Do contact lenses expire?

Yes, lenses and solutions do have an expiration date! It can be dangerous to use them past that time, even if they are unopened. Find out why it’s important not to use expired contact lenses.

Sleeping with contact lenses in

Although it may seem harmless, falling asleep while wearing contact lenses can have serious consequences for your eye health. Read more about why you should avoid sleeping with contact lenses.

Sport and contact lenses

Contact lenses can help you maximise any activity, as they offer freedom of movement, comfort and clear peripheral vision. Discover why contact lenses and sport are a match made in heaven.

Can I swim with contact lenses?

Wearing your contact lenses while swimming could impact your eye health. We’ve put together everything you need to know about swimming with contact lenses, including tips from our optical experts.

Skiing and contact lenses

Wearing contact lenses when hitting the slopes can help you stay comfortable - plus, many models offer a filter against harmful UV sun rays, so you get an extra layer of protection, too. Learn more about skiing with lenses.

Contact lens myth busting

Can you lose a contact lens in your eye? What happens if you cry while wearing your lenses? Can your lenses melt? In this article, we’ve grouped the most popular myths about contact lenses.

Chalazia and contact lenses

What is a chalazion and can it be caused by contact lenses? Find out if there's a link between chalazia and contact lenses, how to prevent their formation and what to do if you develop one.

Multi-purpose solution VS hydrogen peroxide solution

There are many different contact lens solutions available. On our page about multi-purpose contact lens solution VS hydrogen peroxide solution you can find all the information on these types of solutions.

Contact lenses or Glasses?

When you need vision correction, contact lenses vs. glasses is a recurring doubt. Discover in this article the pros and cons of both options and choose the one that works best for you.

Contact lenses and stye

What is a stye, what causes it and how is it treated? Can you wear contact lenses with a stye? Read our guide to find out.

Conjunctivitis and contact lenses: everything you need to know

We look at conjunctivitis and contact lenses, what this means for contact lens wearers, and how best to care for your eyes.

Can you wear contact lenses after cataract surgery?

If you have just had cataract surgery, you will need to stop wearing lenses for several weeks to allow your vision to stabilise and your eye to heal. Discover everything in our article about wearing contact lenses after cataract surgery.