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Thursday, 14 February 2019 by Vision Direct

Bride and groom on their wedding day

Do you have a favourite eye colour? Maybe it's your own, maybe it's that of your loved ones, but most of us have a preference when it comes to which shade we like the best. This Valentine's Day, we wanted to work out what the most attractive eye colour is. So we put our heads together to do some in-depth research and we think we've cracked it. The results are in and the most attractive colour of all time is... blue! Surprised? Let's dig deeper.

Blue eyes peering through leaves

How we worked it out

Here's how it works - there's a process to understand, but try not to let your beautiful eyes glaze over while we explain it, we promise it's worth the effort. First, we looked at the TC Candler top 100 hottest men and women list. We looked at both men and women over the last 6 years, 2013-2018, and gave everyone in the list a score from 1 to 100. Those in position 1 get 100 points, while those in position 100 get 1 point.

From this points system, we pulled together a 'Hottest Of All Time' list, so we could see which eye colours are consistently attractive. We totalled up the scores for each of the five eye colours - brown, blue, hazel, grey and green. This allowed us to see which of the colours was overrepresented in our list.

By applying the percentage levels of the general world population for each eye colour, we could see what the scores should be - and where the differences are. To work out the eye colours that rank higher on the list, we compared the absolute figures for each entry that had a specific eye colour and then multiplied it by the average score. This meant we could see which colours got a higher than average score, and which didn't.

Attractive blue eyes

Blue eyes win!

That's right, it looks like blue eyes are scientifically the most attractive. Our list was made up of 23.25% blue-eyed beauties, whereas only 9% of people actually have blue eyes. If you're male, having blue eyes was more than 3 times more likely to land you on the Hottest Of All Time List. For women, you're 2.2 times more likely to bag a place on the list.

Once you make it onto the list, having blue eyes means that you're more likely to rank higher. People with blue eyes scored on average, well, above average when it comes to our points system. The blue-eyed hunks Michael Fassbender and Alexander Skarsgård - number two and three on the Hottest Of All Time male list after Idris Elba - both have blue eyes.

Want beautiful blue eyes? It's very easy to achieve this eye-catching look with our range of blue coloured contact lenses.

Green and hazel eye

Behind these hazel eyes

The colour hazel comes second in our list. Only 5% of the world's population has hazel eyes, compared with 13.25% of our list. Having hazel eyes was 3 times more likely to land you on the list if you're a man and 2.3 times more likely if you're a woman.

Interestingly, Camilla Belle and Emma Watson - numbers one and two on our list - both have hazel eyes. Try hazel coloured contact lenses.

Pretty green eyes

Green eyes were also found to be very attractive. Only 2% of the population has green eyes, and yet our list had around 6.5% green-eyed contributors. Plus, those with green eyes usually had a higher-than-average score - meaning they were more attractive.

Emilia Clarke, who ranked 4th behind Lupita Nyong'o, is the only member of the top 5 who has green eyes. Explore our range of green coloured contact lenses if you'd like to emulate Emilia.

Iris closeup

Nifty shades of grey

Grey eyes were massively overrepresented on our list, far more so than any other colour. Men with grey eyes were 48 times more likely to be on the list, whereas women with grey eyes were a whopping 99 times more likely to make a showing.

However, while there were more people with grey eyes on our list, they tended to score lower. Along with brown eyes, grey eyes scored below average on our points scoring system - meaning they tend to be less attractive than other colours, such as blue or hazel.

So, if you've got grey eyes, chances are people think you're attractive but not as attractive as those with blue or hazel eyes. Try grey coloured contact lenses today for a striking new look.

Two shades of brown eyes

Brown eyed girl

Finally, we get to brown eyes. Brown eyes, although being the most common, were very noticeably underrepresented on our list. Having brown eyes actually means you're less than half as likely to make the cut. Compared to the general population, of whom 79% have brown eyes, only 49% of our list did.

While women with brown eyes saw the top of the list some years, they're the exceptions that prove the rule. In general, those who did make it onto our list actually ranked the worst overall. This meant that they were considered the least attractive, and were consistently outranked by all the other eye colours.

That doesn't mean brown eyes are unattractive by any means, if you've always wanted to experiment with brown eyes, you can with our range of brown coloured contact lenses.

Average wins out

Aside from colour, we also assessed the subjects on the distance between their eyes, taking a broader measure than just iridial shade in our investigation into attractiveness. Perhaps unsurprisingly, it turns out we like to stick to the average, with both genders preferring an imperceptible difference over wide-set or close-set eyes.

There are some outliers here though: Camilla Belle, who ranked number one amongst the women for attractiveness across our data, has what could be considered close-set eyes.

Got the blues?

If you aren't lucky enough to have been born with baby blues, we're sorry to be the bearers of bad news. But you could always invest in blue coloured contact lenses. Whether you believe beauty comes from within, or it's in the eye of the beholder, blue eyes are on the up when it comes to attractiveness. Blue-eyed beauties, your time has definitely come.

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