Prescription Coloured Contact Lenses

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  • Even If you regularly wear contact lenses or glasses, you can still change up your style by trying prescription coloured contact lenses.

    What are prescription coloured contact lenses?

    Prescription coloured contacts allow you to alter the appearance of your iris colour. Whether you want a brilliant blue, vibrant violet or glamorous green shade, you can experiment with a whole range of new and exciting looks. What's more, they're also high-quality contact lenses with the same technologies as the leading brands, offering perfect eyesight and high levels of comfort.

    What vision problems do prescription coloured contact lenses correct?

    There are a wide range of prescription coloured contact lenses available to treat both myopia (short-sightedness) and hyperopia (long-sightedness), so you can enjoy clear sight at the same time as trying out a new style.

    Why choose prescription coloured contact lenses?

    If you're heading to a fancy-dress party as one of your favourite characters from film, fiction or anything else, coloured contacts are great for adding that little bit of extra detail that makes a convincing costume. Sometimes glasses just won't work with a costume, so prescription coloured contacts mean you can have both clear vision and the most eye-catching outfit of the evening.

    They're also great if you want to change your everyday look, offering either a subtle or dramatic alteration that can add vibrancy or depth to your natural eye colour.

    Advice on choosing prescription coloured contact lenses

    Before you buy prescription coloured contact lenses for the first time, you should get a contact lens fitting. An optician will give you a specific contact lens prescription which has the measurements of your eye that are important for comfortably fitting contact lenses.

    When you're picking which colours to try, remember that your natural eye colour will have an impact on how well your coloured contact lenses work. Lighter eye shades are easier to alter, but darker hues may require stronger tints to change them significantly.

    Types of prescription coloured contact lenses

    There are two main types of tints and two wearing patterns to choose from for your prescription coloured contacts.

    • Enhancement tinted lenses: Designed to boost your natural eye colour with a complementary tint, these lenses are great for a subtle change.
    • Opaque tinted lenses: With a solid tint, these lenses are better for making a more dramatic change in your eye colour.
    • Monthly lenses: Offering great value for money, these lenses last for 30 consecutive days if you clean and store them in solution overnight.
    • Daily lenses: These lenses allow you to wear a fresh pair every day without any need for cleaning.

    Our most popular prescription coloured contact lenses

    FreshLook Colorblends

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    These monthly lenses allow you to make a subtle enhancement to your eye colour to bring out the best feature or add depth or vibrancy. There are 12 great shades to choose from.

    FreshLook One Day

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    With 4 natural looking shades to select from, these lenses are fantastic for complementing your natural eye colour and offer you the convenience of a daily wearing pattern.

    Air Optix Colors

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    These super comfortable enhancement tinted lenses keep your eyes feeling healthy throughout wear and with 8 available shades, give you lots of choice to pick from.

    FreshLook Colors

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    As opaque tinted lenses, you can achieve a more considerable transformation with FreshLook Colors. These monthly lenses come in 6 different shades that are perfect for making an impact.

    1 Day Acuvue Define Sparkle

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    While not providing a typical enhancement tint, these daily lenses use patterns on the lens surface to bring a sparkling effect to your eyes for added vibrancy.

    Additional Information

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