Contact Lens Do's and Don'ts

At our optician Benjamin has put together a list of helpful do’s and don’ts that everyone should know when it comes to wearing contact lenses. This guide is great for anyone that’s new to wearing contact lenses; it’s also a helpful reminder to any seasoned contact lens wearer of best practise.


  • DO remove your lenses and consult your practitioner if any eye reaction occurs such as pain, redness, burning sensation, excessive watering, increasingly blurred vision, coloured halos around light sources and / or sensitivity.

  • DO attend your routine follow up appointments - These are essential to monitor the health of your eyes. They also ensure that your current contact lens prescription is accurate and up to date. Symptom-free wear does not necessarily mean that your lenses are not causing undesirable side effects.

  • DO comply with your practitioners guide to wearing schedules, frequency and instructions on contact lens solutions, over-wear can have serious consequences.

  • DO remove your lenses before going to sleep (unless otherwise advised by your practitioner).

  • DO replace lenses if they become torn, damaged, scratched or have any deposits which can't be removed with a cleaning solution.


  • DON'T wear your lenses when using eye medications or eye drops (unless advised to do so by your practitioner).

  • DON'T use saliva to wet your lenses - this is teeming with potential harmful bacteria.

  • DON'T use tap water to clean or rinse your contact lenses it contains dangerous bacteria that could lead to infection.

  • DON'T expose your lenses to hair- or cosmetic sprays or excessive heat.

  • DON'T forget to wash and rinse your hands before handling your lenses. Your personal hygiene is very important.

  • DON'T share your contact lenses with anyone else.