First World Problems during lockdown

The global pandemic and numerous lockdowns have resulted in a whole new list of ‘First World Problems' like your glasses fogging up while wearing a mask for example, or not being able to go to the hairdresser for your regular trim. Inspired by these surface-level issues, our team decided to do some digging and discover what else has perturbed the public.

After speaking to 2,000 adults across the UK, we determined that working from home has led to a series of setbacks that we weren't experiencing in the past. Some of these mundane mix-ups range from having to constantly refill the dishwasher and replace toilet roll, to running out of clean tracksuit bottoms and tea bags.

In addition, our findings revealed that 8 in 10 (81%) of our interviewees like to have something to moan about, and nearly 1 in 5 experience a ‘First World Problem' up to 10 times a week. Plus, many of them found themselves whining about trivial things 3 times a day.

Interested to see whether you're more of a Moan Master or a Laid Back Jack? We've created a fun quiz to put your complaining to the test.

The top 'First World Problems' Brits have experienced

  1. Bad weather when you want to go for your daily walk
  2. Glasses fogging up when wearing a mask
  3. Not being able to hear what people are saying properly when they're talking to you in a mask
  4. Tea going cold
  5. Waking up and not being sure what day it is
  6. Next day delivery not arriving the next day
  7. No one replacing the toilet roll when it is finished
  8. Figuring out what to eat (and making sure you do so three times a day)
  9. A wardrobe full of clothes you can't wear
  10. Running out of milk or teabags
  11. Your takeaway takes too long to be delivered
  12. Netflix / online streaming freezing or taking ages to load
  13. Feeling lost after finishing an online series
  14. Losing broadband during a video call
  15. Having to package up and return the clothes you bought online and don't want
  16. Having to stack the dishwasher / wash up more often than usual
  17. Not having anything at home for lunch
  18. Something doesn't arrive in the online food shop so you have to visit the supermarket
  19. Running out of toilet paper
  20. Having bad hair roots
  1. Forgetting a birthday and it being too late to get something delivered
  2. Wanting to log into online banking but not remembering the password
  3. Central heating doesn’t come on early enough
  4. Not being able to answer any quiz questions
  5. Permanent headaches from increased screen time
  6. Ordering a takeaway and then regretting your choice of food
  7. If you're the one not working in the house - having to do all the washing up / clothes washing
  8. A Sky+ recording clash
  9. Having to answer the door to deliveries while on a video call
  10. Having an uncomfortable work set up
  11. Having uneven eyebrows
  12. Not being able to say no when someone asks if you're free for a Zoom because they know you haven't got any other plans
  13. Having people in the household who aren't working causing distractions
  14. Never really knowing what time to shower
  15. Wanting to purchase apps but not remembering the password
  16. Not being able to get a takeaway slot
  17. Running out of clean tracksuit bottoms
  18. The online shopping order has given you their own brand loo roll rather than a leading brand
  19. Running out of your favourite tonic water for your nightly vodka /gin and tonics
  20. Having no one to share the tea round with
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