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8.7 14.0
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Bausch & Lomb SofLens Natural Colors The month-colored contact lens Soflens Natural Colors offers nine natural eye colors for a changed look. The extensive color selection and the best hydrogel material provide a natural look and a comfortable fit. SofLens Natural Colors lenses are the right contact lenses for a temporarily change with a natural look.

SofLens Natural Colors contact lenses for nearsighted corrections are designed to allow nearsightedness corrections with a new eye color and at the same time a clear vision. SofLens Natural Colors 6pk is designed for one month of daily use; to be worn during the day, then cleaned and stored before going to sleep. Cleaning SofLens Natural Colors with solution is needed and a lens case can be used to store the contacts also when on the go or travelling.

Normally, the optician will fit SofLens Natural Colors trial lenses onto your eyes and ensure individual suitability, prior to ordering them online. The eye care professional will also give advice on handling, hygiene, cleaning, storage and after care for your SofLens Natural Colors lenses. You can then save your samples containers to identify the prescription and buy them cheaper online.

You can check Bausch & Lomb on YouTube for a tutorial on inserting and removing contact lenses and other lens care advice. To see SofLens Natural Colors reviews, read further on our product information page.

SofLens Natural Colors are not supplied from stock, please allow on average 2 - 5 days to dispatch.

SofLens Natural Colors parameters
Lens type: Monthly disposable
Colors: amazon, aquamarine, emerald, india, indigo, jade, pacific, platinum, topaz
Material: 61% Polymacon B
Water content: 39%
Oxygen permeability: 18 Dk/t
Lens diameter (DIA): 14.0 mm
Base curve (BC/Radius): 8.4 mm or 8.7 mm
Available powers (SPH): 0.00 to -6.00
Handling tint: Yes
UVA/UVB protection: Unknown
Usage instructions: Daily wear, take out before sleeping
Contents: 6 contact lenses per box
Material 63.4% Polymacon Water Content 36%
Manufacturer Bausch & Lomb Frequency Monthly Replacement
Brand Name SofLens Natural Colors
Frequency Monthly Replacement
Availability Non-stock items. Please check product description for expected dispatch times.

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I have dark brown eyes and have only tried the green contacts which leave my eyes dry after 4 to 5 hours of wearing them. If you do not suffer from dry eyes and your eye colour is light brown, then it might suit you, I'm just giving my experience of this brand of colour contact lense.
Samantha Lees

I made the switch from Freshlook just under a year ago. They're so much comfier towards the end of their life! The look of the lenses are about the same though. Would recommend the lenses to a friend.
Alexis Trust

Fantastic colors. Highly recommended!

I love the brilliant vibrant colors of the contacts. There are so many colors to choose from but I prefer the Blue. I have green eyes and the blue contacts totally change the color of my eyes. Normally after wearing contacts a whole day my eyes are dry and irriated, but with these contacts my eyes feel good all day. I really recommend these contacts to anyone.
stacy wozniak

I love the vibrant colour, also very comfortable to wear. After a whole day of wearing your eyes still feel fresh and there is always lots of air raching your eyes.
Miriama Vircikova

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