Bausch & Lomb - PureVision Toric / PureVision For Astigmatism

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8.7 14.0
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12 pairs (24 lenses), £145.00 - 12 Months
PureVision Toric for astigmatism by Bausch & Lomb was the first continuous wear lens for correcting astigmatism. Prior to ordering cheap Purevision Toric lenses online, the optician normally fits trial lenses onto your eyes and ensures individual suitability. The lenses can be worn as extended wear or daily wear, depending on your individual recommendation.
Purevision Toric parameters that specifies the correction for astigmatism from your contact lens prescription or samples boxes are CYL (cylinder) and AXIS. Another value that also is present on other prescriptions is SPH (power) and can be either positive (for farsightedness) or negative (for nearsightedness), in contrast to the CYL value which will always be negative.

One Purevision toric contact lenses box contains 3 disposable visibility tinted soft silicone hydrogel contacts with 64% of the material Balafilcon A and 36% water. Purevision Toric lenses are not supplied from stock, please allow on average 3 - 5 days to dispatch.

If you want to learn more, Purevision Toric reviews by our customers are linked above. For information about cleaning and care, you can watch Bausch & Lomb’s tutorial on how to care for Purevision Toric lenses. There is also a dedicated FAQ about toric lenses for astigmatism where you learn more about what toric lenses are, see various comparisons of toric lenses and additional advice.
Material 64% Balafilcon Water Content 36%
Manufacturer Bausch & Lomb Frequency Continuous Wear for monthly replacement
Brand Name PureVision Toric / PureVision For Astigmatism
Frequency Continuous Wear for monthly replacement
Availability Non-stock items. Please check product description for expected dispatch times.
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Took me a while to find the perfect lenses as I have astigmatism and also need strong power in my left eye. These are extremely comfortable to wear and my vision is so clear. I wear them the full 4 weeks with never once having to remove. I greatly recommend these lenses.
Susan Rodgers

at first i was really impressed with how clear the vision was with these but after just 5 days ware i find they dry out and need cleaning every day and im using eye drops all the time just to stop them sticking. So in short not best if you have dry eyes or work in and aircon ewnviroment.
calista hodgetts

I have been using it for many years. Works beautifully!
Michelle Perris

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