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Boots Contact Lenses

Do you buy Boots' own brand contact lenses? Then you'll be pleased to know that here at Vision Direct you will be able to find exactly the same lenses under their original brand name. The only difference is the packaging. And we will deliver them direct to your door, super fast

Below you'll find a handy table that will tell you what the branded equivalent of your Boots contact lenses are.

Boots Brand Lens


Vision Direct Brand




Boots Daily

Ciba Vision

Focus Dailies

Boots High Water Monthly

Bausch & Lomb

Air Optix Aqua

Boots Mid Water Monthly


Frequency 55

Boots Monthly Toric


Biomedics Toric

Boots Near and Far Dailies


Focus Dailies Progressives

Boots Night and Day

Ciba Vision

Air Optix Aqua Night & Day

Boots Premium Dailies (3 months)

Ciba Vision

Focus Dailies All Day Comfort

Boots Premium Monthlies Lotrafilcon B (6 months)

Ciba Vision

Air Optix Aqua

Not only can you save up to 73% compared to Boots' prices but there is also no need to sign up for to a direct debit scheme, giving you full control of when and how often you want to receive your contact lenses.

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