How do I introduce my teenager to contact lenses?

Introducing your teenager to contact lenses is easier than ever. Your optician will be able to suggest the right lenses and offer tips and advice on using them.

Quick advice for teenagers considering lenses

  • Consider using daily disposable lenses as they require no maintenance or cleaning.
  • Never share contact lenses or solution with anyone.
  • Only “extended wear” lenses can be worn while sleeping.
Find out which contact lenses are right for your teen

Benefits of contact lenses for teenagers

Contact lenses are perfectly suitable for use by teenagers and young adults. They are a safe, pain-free and effective way to correct vision problems and offer some benefits over glasses.

  • Contact lenses could make your teenager more comfortable with their appearance and ultimately boost their confidence.
  • Unlike eyeglasses, contact lenses will not simply fall off or break.
  • If your teenager plays sports or engages in any other physical activity, contact lenses offer a better safety should they get hit or fall, clearer vision as they won’t get dirty, and an enhanced overall sports performance.

Choosing the right lens

Eye test

Daily disposable soft contact lenses are an excellent option for teenagers as they are practical and do not require any maintenance. If you opt for weeklies or monthlies, it is worth considering extended wear contact lenses as they are safe to wear while sleeping, making them ideal for anyone who tends to fall asleep with their lenses on.

If your teenager is considering contact lenses, the first step is to schedule an eye test appointment with their optician, who is best able to determine the most suitable options for your teen.

Factors to consider

Once you have an idea of which type of lens would work best, it is important to take into consideration the following two factors.

  1. Getting used to wearing contact lenses may take some time and requires your teen to be patient.
  2. All contact lenses except daily disposables require a hygiene routine that your teen must be able to commit to.

Top tips for teenagers

  • Only purchase lenses that match the prescription provided by the optician. Remember that an individual’s prescription for eyeglasses may not be the same as their prescription for lenses.
  • If a lens somehow gets torn or broken, it should be thrown away immediately to avoid damaging your eye.
  • Contact lenses are personal medical devices. Just like your toothbrush, they must never be shared. This is to avoid transferring potentially harmful bacteria and microorganisms from one eye to another.
  • When considering cosmetic or coloured contact lenses, make sure that they are a reputable brand produced by a healthcare manufacturer.
  • Contact lenses can only be worn while sleeping if they are “extended wear” lenses.