Can you wear contact lenses whilst pregnant?

There’s no reason you couldn’t continue to wear contact lenses throughout your pregnancy. However, some hormonal changes could affect your prescription slightly and can cause your eyes to dry out quicker.

What’s the most common advice given to pregnant contact lens wearers?

  • Visit your optician to check if your prescription has altered
  • Ask your optician about lenses designed to hold moisture for longer
  • Keep eye drops handy to help soothe drier eyes
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Should I change my contact lenses while I’m pregnant?

It’s a good idea to have your eyes checked a little way into your pregnancy if you do decide to continue wearing contact lenses. You may find that your cornea has changed in size and shape, which could cause discomfort if you continue wearing your regular lenses. Your optician should be able to recommend a lens that will keep you much more comfortable before your prescription returns to normal post pregnancy.

Using eye drops several times per day will also help to alleviate discomfort due to dry eyes. If continue to wear contact lenses during this period, make sure that the drops you use are compatible with the contact lenses you wear. There are a number of compatible products on the market and your optician or doctor will be able to recommend the most suitable one.

It is also possible that you might need a slight adjustment to the power of your contact lenses during your pregnancy. Again, your contact lens practitioner or optician is best placed to guide you through this process. But remember, the prescription is quite likely to need to be adjusted back after you’ve delivered your baby so it’s worth scheduling in another appointment. New contact lenses can normally be used for another couple of months after giving birth – before the cornea goes back to normal.