Are there coloured contact lenses for astigmatism?

Yes, toric coloured contact lenses are very much a thing! They're available to those with some cases of astigmatism.

There are not many brands for this particular type of lens on the market, meaning that prescriptions available for astigmatism are limited. We recommend that you consult an optician to know which brand is right for you.

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How do coloured contact lenses work?

The surface of coloured lenses contains coloured pigments that are designed to mimic the appearance of your iris.

The iris is the coloured area of your eye and it consists of ribs and dots made up of different shapes and tints. Coloured lenses imitate the iris whilst enhancing the natural colours and patterns of the eye, giving a subtle amplified effect. You might be wondering: how can I see through a coloured contact lens? Won't that make it harder? The answer is simple: much like corrective contact lenses, the central part of your eye – known as the pupil – remains uncovered. As we are able to see the world through the pupil, you can see everything around you clearly, with no obstructions at all.

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Why use coloured contact lenses?

Coloured lenses can be used to enhance your natural eye colour. They are a great accessory: whether you want to upgrade your everyday look or want to impress your friends at a fancy dress party. Just like with clothes or make-up, you can use coloured contact lenses to express your style, personality and mood. That's why there are tons of creative ways to wear them!