How to put coloured contact lenses in?

To apply coloured contact lenses, just follow the same procedure that applies to normal contact lenses. If you've never worn a lens before, the idea of applying the lens might seem a little scary, but you'll see it gets so much better with practice.

Do coloured contact lenses affect vision?

Using coloured contact lenses is a great way to enhance your look, but it's important to keep some things in mind when using them.

Following all eye care rules is essential to keeping your vision clear and your eyes healthy. There's a lot of common mistakes and misconceptions around, so It's good to avoid them and keep your eyes safe. If you're wondering what mistakes they might be, here are the main ones: forgetting to wash your hands before handling contacts, sleeping with your contacts in, or wearing contacts for longer than you're supposed to. This is just the tip of the iceberg - for more common misconceptions, check out our full list of mistakes to avoid.

It is possible that the coloured part of a coloured lens may obstruct your vision, especially if you wear opaque contact lenses. This can happen in two cases: when the lens moves around (for example when you blink), or when the size of the pupil changes (as often happens in dark and poorly lit environments). This is why we do not recommend wearing coloured contact lenses during those times when you need to see super clearly through varied lighting, such as driving or cycling.

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Did you know...

  • Coloured contact lenses are super popular among celebrities, as they can really help elevate a look.
  • A popular fan is Jennifer Aniston, who often wears blue contact lenses to transform her naturally brown eyes.
  • So many musicians have used oloured lenses in their music videos: for example, Lady Gaga rocked cartoon-like lenses in 'Bad Romance' and Shakira used grey contacts for her mesmerising gaze in 'She Wolf'.
  • Male celebrities love coloured contact lenses too: we can't forget Orlando Bloom's light blue coloured contact lenses in the Lord of the Ring saga, for his role as Legolas. A few universes apart, Twilight fans will also remember Robert Pattinson's bright grey gaze, made possible with grey contact lenses.