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  • If you’re looking to make a significant change to your eye colour, opaque contact lenses are the perfect option. These coloured contacts are designed to transform your eyes from one shade to another while offering you comfortable and clear vision.

    What are opaque contact lenses

    Opaque contact lenses are designed with a solid tint. This tint is a ring of colour that sits over the iris, covering your natural shade and giving you an attention-grabbing, new appearance.

    What vision problems do opaque contact lenses correct?

    Most opaque contact lenses are made to correct short-sightedness and long-sightedness. Produced by leading manufacturers, such as Ciba Vision/Alcon, you can be certain of high quality contacts that keep your eyes comfortable and provide picture-perfect eyesight.

    Why choose opaque contact lenses

    Getting an outfit just right for a costume party can often come down to the small details. If you’re dressing up as someone from your favourite film or TV show and they’re famous for their deep brown eyes, your brilliant blue eyes might not look quite right. Opaque contacts can give you that perfect finishing touch to complete a convincing and striking ensemble.

    If you fancy a change in your everyday look and want to add some vibrancy or depth to your natural shade, opaque contacts are ideal for making a dramatic transformation that is certain to turn a few heads.

    Advice on choosing opaque contact lenses

    Unlike enhancement lenses, which sometimes don’t have a strong enough tint for dark eyes, opaque tinted lenses can be used to transform even the darkest of hues. If your eyes are a particularly deep shade of brown, for example, you can change it to something as contrasting as a bright blue.

    Whether you need vision correction or not, you can enjoy experimenting with different shades. When the website asks you to enter your corrective power, simply enter 0.00 and you’ll receive plano lenses designed for purely cosmetic purposes.

    Types of opaque contact lenses

    As well as an array of colours, you have a choice of two types of wearing pattern with opaque lenses.

    • Monthly wear: Can be worn for 30 consecutive days if cleaned and stored in contact lens solution each night.
    • Daily wear: Designed to be worn for just a day before being thrown away, you can experience fresh contacts each day and not have to worry about cleaning your lenses each night. Perfect for if you want coloured contacts for just an occasion rather than regular use.

    Our most popular opaque contact lenses

    FreshLook Colors

    FreshLook Colors

    With 6 shades to choose from, you can achieve a dramatic transformation in your appearance with these lenses. Manufactured by Ciba Vision/Alcon, these are high quality and comfortable monthly lenses that last up to 30 consecutive days and are available either with corrective powers or without.

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