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  • Green contact lenses can help you get the emerald coloured eyes you have always envied. The top brands of coloured contact lenses all include shades of green, including FreshLook Colorblends and Air Optix Colors, so there's plenty of choice!

    What are green contact lenses?

    As green is a rare eye colour, green contact lenses give you the opportunity to try out this distinguished look. They're perfect for transforming lighter shades such as blue and grey and, using deeper shades, you can move from a natural hazel or light brown.

    What vision problems do blue contact lenses correct?

    If you have short-sightedness (myopia) or long-sightedness (hyperopia), then you. Leading manufacturers such as Ciba Vision/Alcon and CooperVision produce lenses that fit comfortably, offering clear vision and a vibrant appearance.

    Green contact lenses are also available in plano form (without corrective powers) so, if you don't need vision correction, you can still enjoy experimenting with different hues.

    Why choose green contact lenses?

    If you're heading out to a fancy dress party and want to recreate a look of one of your favourite characters from films or literature, then green contact lenses can help add that little bit of extra detail to your costume.

    You can also use these lenses to add some brightness into your everyday life. For example, if you want to bring extra depth to pale green eyes or transform light blue or grey eyes into something more vibrant, they're an ideal option.

    Advice on choosing green contact lenses

    You should get a contact lens fitting if you've never worn any before. Your optician can then give you a prescription which can use to order your lenses online.

    Remember to pick a shade of colour contact that will complement your eyes. If you have very dark eyes, green contact lenses might not transform your eyes completely and you'll need a stronger shade. With lighter eyes, there's a bit more choice but deeper shades will help alter your natural colour.

    Types of green contact lenses

    There are two key differences between the assorted types of green coloured contact lenses. One is what type of wearing pattern they're designed for and the other is the strength of the tint that they have.

    • Enhancement tinted lenses: These build on your natural eye colour, bringing out your best features.
    • Opaque tinted lenses: This type of lens has a stronger tint for a more dramatic transformation.
    • Daily contact lenses: These lenses are designed to be worn for one day and then disposed of for fresh-feeling and comfortable sight.
    • Monthly contact lenses: Monthly lenses can be worn for 30 consecutive days if cleaned and stored in solution each night.

    Our most popular green contact lenses

    FreshLook Colorblends

    FreshLook Colorblends

    With 3 shades of green to choose from, these popular monthly lenses are great for enhancing your natural shade.

    FreshLook One Day

    FreshLook One Day

    These daily lenses can be thrown away each night and so are perfect for one-offs and special occasions and are designed to complement your natural eye colour.

    Air Optix Colors

    Air Optix Colors

    With both a dark and light shade of green to choose from, these monthly lenses can be great for either complementing your eyes or adding depth.

    FreshLook Colors

    FreshLook Colors

    As opaque tinted lenses, these have a significant effect on your eye colour and are to be worn in a monthly pattern.

    Expressions Colors

    Expressions Colors

    Choose from two shades of green with these comfortable monthly lenses from CooperVision.

    Additional Information

    If you need any advice about how to buy your contact lenses online, we're here to assist you via web chat, phone or email. Got a question about ordering from Vision Direct? Check out our handy how to guides.