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  • Here at Vision Direct we stock a fabulous range of Regard contact lens solutions from manufacturers Advanced Eyecare.

    Regard stands out from the crowd as one of a few completely preservative free contact lens solutions available. Advanced Eyecare worked hard to develop a solution that was both preservative free yet still as effective as a peroxide system in cleaning and sanitising a contact lens.

    If you wear soft contact lenses try Regard Contact Lens Solution 3 Month Pack, if you wear RGP lenses then Regard K RGP solution is a great choice.

    Regard solutions also come in a range of travel packs created for holidaymakers who don’t want to be weighed down with heavy bottles of solution, they’re also good for frequent business travellers and short weekend breaks.

    Reset Eye Drops also offer a great preservative free alternative to other similar products available from Vision Direct.
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