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  • Scope Healthcare is a pharmaceutical company that has developed dry eye products for distribution throughout the UK and here at Vision Direct we are proud to sell their fantastic Hycosan range of eye drops.

    There is nothing worse than putting up with dry eyes caused by environmental conditions or contact lenses and Hycosan products offer an effective preservative free treatment that will refresh and relieve eyes.

    Developed with a patented COMOD system all Hycosan products deliver a completely bacteria free eye drop experience. The unique airless design ensures that no bacteria can make contact with the solution keeping it sterile for 6 months from opening. It also ensures that only a single drop is dispensed at one time, so you won’t waste any unnecessarily.

    The Hycosan range includes: Hycosan, Hycosan Plus Eye Drops and Hycosan Extra Eye Drops to treat a range of moderate to severe dry eye conditions.
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