Winter eye care tips for contact lens wearers

Friday, 16 December 2016 by Callan Smith-Sheerin

Winter eye care tips for contact lens wearers

Contact lens wearers can often find that the winter puts an extra strain on their eyes. Our top eye care tips will help you keep your eyes moisturised and comfortable during cold days out and cosy nights in.

Dry eyes from indoor heating

Most people love to crank the heat up and keep indoors nice and toasty during these chilly winter months. However, using the heating or lighting a fire can remove the moisture from the air, which may lead to dry eyes. Always make sure you are sitting well back from any fire or blow heater to avoid suffering discomfort from dry eyes.

If you are spending long periods of time in a heated room, a humidifier can help to keep your eyes hydrated. Alternatively, you might prefer to use moisturising eye drops, to keep your eyes feeling comfortable for longer.

Less comfortable lenses

If you find that you're unable to wear your contact lenses for more than a few hours a day in winter, make sure that you're observing the rule. Wearing glasses once a week helps you to wear your contact lenses more comfortably, for longer, on every other week day.

Soft lenses require lots of moisture to sit properly on your eye. If they dry out, they can start to lose their shape and may begin to stick and become cloudy, so it is important to keep them lubricated.

Wearing sunglasses

While you may not associate the winter months with blazing sunshine, there are still plenty of bright days where the sun’s rays do make a welcome appearance. In snowy conditions, the ultraviolet (UV) rays can reflect off the snow and can lead to strained or sunburned eyes.

It's a good idea to wear sunglasses with a high UV resistance to ensure that your eyes are protected from any harmful light.

Fatigue, headaches and tired eyes

Digital eye strain is an all-year round problem now that the majority of UK adults spend more than 9 hours a day looking at digital devices. If you are suffering from sore or strained eyes this winter, make sure that you follow the 20-20-20 rule when using devices; take 20 seconds to look at something 20 feet away every 20 minutes.

Boost your immunity with a healthy diet

All of us are more prone to flu and colds in the colder winter weather. There's less hours of vitamin D rich sunshine and damper, colder weather brings about the post-summer blues.

A healthy diet will help you keep bugs at bay, and many healthy foods are also great for your vision, such as warming soups and stews that include carrots and plenty of greens.

Goggles for active lifestyles

If you are lucky enough to be going skiing, or are on a hiking holiday trip, you should be wary that many things can get trapped in your eyes, particularly if you are following behind someone else. Even, if you’re wearing sunglasses, snow, ice and other debris can still creep in.

A pair of goggles with a high UV resistance will protect your eyes from the sun and any other bits and pieces that could become caught in your eyes while enjoying an active winter lifestyle.

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