How to take care of your eyes in summer

Thursday, 30 June 2022 by Vision Direct

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Whether you're enjoying long sunny walks, a picnic, a garden BBQ with friends or sunbathing at the beach: summer is all about keeping active. If you spend a lot of time outdoors, it's important to get protection against harmful sun rays. No, we're not just talking about sunscreen - your eyes need looking after too!

Our in-house opticians have put together the top summer eye care tips for contact lens wearers, so you can keep sight woes at bay and focus on having fun in the sun.

Protect your eyes from the sun

Too much sun exposure isn't just bad for your skin - UV rays can be really harmful to your eyes, too. Solar radiation (in the form of UVA and UVB rays) can make its way to your eyes even on a cloudy day, so it's important to keep your eyes protected as much as possible. But fear not, we're not about to tell you to spend your whole summer inside: there are many different contact lenses with a UV filter, designed to block these damaging rays from getting to your eyes. Just pair them with your favourite pair of sunglasses and you're good to go!

Safe swimming with contact lenses

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Is there a better feeling than taking a dip in the water on a hot summer day? Well, without your contact lenses, that is! If you wear contact lenses while swimming, you put your eyes at risk of being contaminated with harmful bacteria, which might result in an eye infection. Water could also change the shape of your lenses and make them feel uncomfortable.

If you can't choose between having a swim and enjoying clear vision, we recommend going for daily disposable lenses combined with swimming goggles. Hygienic and convenient, you simply throw the daily lenses away after you dry off and apply a fresh, new pair (with clean hands!). That way you can be 100% sure that there's no bacteria residue on your lens. You could also try swimming goggles with prescription lenses - though they won't be much use if your prescription changes.

Une boîte d’everclear ELITE

Try everclear ELITE

Exclusive to Vision Direct, everclear ELITE contact lenses are extremely comfortable and breathable, with an ultra-hydrating formula perfect for those with dry eyes, locking in moisture throughout the summer. These daily disposable contacts are made with a silicone hydrogel material, ensuring your eyes stay and look healthy for up to 12 hours. Plus, UV blocking offers an extra layer of defence against harmful sun rays.

Discover everclear ELITE

Wear lenses while exercising

No one wants to interrupt their game of tennis to adjust their glasses! Staying active is a lot easier to do with your contact lenses, as they allow you to enjoy freedom of movement while playing sports, exercising, running or cycling. They're also easy to pair with a helmet and sunglasses when you're out cycling, or your favourite cap when out for a jog.

If you prefer to stick with your eyeglasses but still want to enjoy the benefits of contact lenses while playing sports, it'd be useful to switch to daily disposable contact lenses. With dailies, you use a fresh pair of lenses every time and you can return to them whenever you need to.

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Don't fall asleep with your lenses

Who doesn't love a summertime siesta? Relaxing with a book in the garden or at the beach can easily lead to a nap, but it could also result in dry eyes and other eye conditions. While you'll be fine if it happens once or twice, it's important not to make falling asleep with your contact lenses a habit.

If you've been there and got the 'slept in my contacts' t-shirt, you know that it can be difficult to remove your contact lenses when you wake up. But don't panic: just gently blink your eyes a few times, or use eye drops to rehydrate your lenses. It can also help to gently massage your eyelids and to drink a glass of water, as this helps to moisturise your eyes.

Go for a contact lens solution travel pack

Whether you're packing for a holiday, or heading out for a day trip at the beach: solution travel packs are the way forward, for those wearing monthlies or two-weeklies. Flying somewhere warm this summer? These ideally-sized bottles are allowed in your hand luggage too, so you can take out your lenses and give them a clean on the way to your holiday destination. everclear REFRESH All In One Solution travel pack is especially handy, and its gentle yet effective formula is perfect for sensitive eyes. Daily wearers can also benefit from a Travel Wallet for safely storing up to 14 lenses.

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