How can we provide support to Ukraine?

Thursday, 14 April 2022 by Vision Direct

Ukraine flag

At Vision Direct, our team has strived to provide support and solidarity with our friends and colleagues in Ukraine, and are continuously reviewing how we can best help. Below are some of the ways in which we have given support, and how we think you could too.


Volunteering at local collection centres is another good way to provide support. Often, when calls for donations are made in times of crisis, collection points end up overwhelmed with donations, with limited space and manpower to organise them. Volunteers can help reduce donations piling up and reduce the pressure on what is often an around-the-clock operation.

Members of the team at Vision Direct volunteered at Surrey Stands with Ukraine, a collection operation designed to support those on the ground in Ukraine. Those looking to help can either donate, or volunteer, and the organisation often updates its requirements on its Facebook and Instagram.


Numerous collection centres have opened across the country, so if you can’t get to Surrey Stands with Ukraine, be sure to search for a collection point closer to you.

Financial support

Donating money to organisations that provide support and relief to those in Ukraine is one of the most effective ways of offering support. Surrey Stands with Ukraine is receiving financial donations to support those in Ukraine.

Donate now

In addition to this, many organisations are donating financial relief. Vision Direct’s parent company, EssilorLuxottica Group, has announced that it is matching employee payroll donations during the conflict in Ukraine, a campaign that many employees have taken part in. Our CEO Francesco Milleri, and Deputy CEO, Paul du Saillant, have also made significant salary donations to support our colleagues in Ukraine and those affected.

If you prefer to give financial support to individuals directly, there are some other ways that you can help to show financial support. You can rent or provide spare rooms in Ukraine from the UK to support families, or even order digital products from creators via online marketplaces, so that the creators do not need to create or send physical items, but still receive financial support.

Donating essentials

Ukraine is facing a serious shortage of medical supplies, and this includes eye care. As a manufacturer of eye care products, we understand that this is a logical way for us to support Ukraine, as, though small, eye drops have the potential to create a considerable difference to someone’s optical health. Given this, we are donating a palette of 5,000 eye drops to the Surrey Centre.

Providing shelter

Providing shelter is one of the trickier ways to support those on the ground in Ukraine. EssilorLuxottica Group is opening its secure locations with basements to host our 1,700 colleagues and their families seeking refuge.

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