Re-using and recycling your packaging

Thursday, 28 April 2016 by David Blabey

Recycling is one of the easiest ways for you to have a direct impact on the state of the environment. If we can reduce the amount we throw away and waste every day, we won’t have to rely as much on landfills to dispose of our rubbish.

Re-using your contact lens case

In order to keep your contact lenses free from any damage or outside bacteria, it’s recommended you switch to a new one every month. While this isn’t usually a problem as they are pretty inexpensive, it does mean that a huge number of cases just get thrown out month after month.

Luckily, many people have found extra uses for their cases long after they stopped holding their contact lenses. For instance:

Contact lens case

Make up case

Although they might be pretty small, a contact lens case is a perfect overnight solution for someone who wants to keep a bit of foundation or moisturizer handy wherever they go. Just pop a little in the case and make sure you screw the lid on tight.

Pill case

When you’re are just staying somewhere overnight, it can be a bit of a pain taking a whole packet of pills around with you. A contact lens case is just the right size to keep a couple of pills safe in your bag. You can even separate them into evening and morning if you like.

Screw holder.

Anyone who’s had to open up a laptop, phone or any other piece of technology knows that one of the most problematic parts of any fix is keeping all those tiny screws together in one place. Because one piece of tech might be filled with any number of types of screw, it’s really handy to have somewhere that not only stops them rolling away, but also keeps them in very neat little piles.

Finding a new use for our packaging.

We asked our followers on twitter how they could re-use the solid cardboard box we send out for delivery. So many of you sent in some fantastic ideas that we decided to share just a few of our favourites below.

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