5 facts you didn't know about your baby's sight!

Friday, 4 March 2016 by David Blabey

Vision Direct’s interactive baby sight tool helps parents better understand how their baby views the world as they grow older. We’ve pulled together a few of the fascinating facts that our customers were surprised by when the tool was published last month.

Baby sight fact no.1

When your baby is first born, it can really only see in shades of grey. When you are up close your face will be come much clearer, but it will be difficult for your baby to fix both eyes on an object which is why you might notice their eyes start to wander.

Baby's eyes

Baby sight fact no.2

Around 3-4 months is an incredibly crucial stage in vision development. Your baby’s vision will start to become sharper and he or she will find it easier to track and focus on objects. Your baby will also start to recognise more colours and can identify detailed designs on toys, books or other objects that are close by.

Baby sight fact no.3

Your child can have their first eye exam at 6 months old. A quick check up will give the optician a good idea of how your child’s vision is developing and if there are any signs of visual impairment which can be quickly corrected.

Baby's eyesightBaby sight facts no.4

By 7 to 8 months your baby will have clear enough vision to recognise people and objects from across the room. He or she will be able to quickly track objects and point right to them. Most kids around this age will also have no problem grabbing objects and putting things in their mouth, so it’s worth keeping an eye out yourself.

Baby sight fact no.5

By the time your child reaches 9-10 months, they will have the eye colour that will stay with them as they grow older. Up until then their eye colour may naturally shift from blue, to green to brown.

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