Festive Party tips for contact lens wearers

Wednesday, 13 December 2017 by Vision Direct

Festive party tips for contact lens wearers

As Christmas and the end of the year pulls into sight, our calendars undoubtedly fill up with things to do, people to see and, of course, parties to attend. Whether it’s just the work do or you’ve a glut of gatherings to enjoy, if you’re a contact lens wearer, festive fun can sometimes take a toll on your eyes.

Late nights, a lack of water and wearing lenses for longer than the recommended time can all lead to dry or uncomfortable eyes, but discomfort can easily be avoided if you take the right steps. If you’re a regular contact lens wearer, you probably know the importance of drinking plenty of water and not wearing your lenses for longer than the manufacturer specifies. However, we’ve put together some tips that are more important for when you’re out enjoying the festive season to help you keep your eyes feeling hydrated and healthy.

Take care when applying make-up

If you’re wearing make-up and contact lenses to a party, then you need to take care when putting both on. Before anything, you should wash your hands and dry them thoroughly, then put your lenses on. Not only will you be able to see what you’re doing clearly, but your lenses can help stop any make up from getting stuck in your eyes.

When you’re choosing what products to use, try to avoid using fibre mascara or an old bottle of mascara that has become clumpy, as if either of these get in your eyes they can cause infection. Products containing oil can cause your lenses to cloud up if they come into contact, so try to use an alternative so you can enjoy perfectly clear vision all evening.

Sometimes there’s not much time between the end of work and the start of the work party, so it’s easy to rush to get ready. Try not to go too fast when you do your eye make-up, so you don’t get any on the underside of your eyelid. This part is responsible for helping keep your eyes hydrated and feeling comfortable, so it’s important to keep it clean and clear.

Treat coloured contact lenses as you would any other kind

Treat coloured contact lenses as you would any other kind

Coloured contacts, like FreshLook Colorblends, are great for bringing something vibrant and new to your look. Comfortable, safe and easy to use, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t experiment with a festive shade for your Christmas party.

It’s important that you treat your coloured contacts as you would any other lenses. This means wearing them for the recommended wear time, cleaning and storing them properly and going for a fitting before you buy them if you don’t normally wear contacts.

Bring supplies to the party

When the party is in full swing, the wine pours, conversation flows, and the music starts to get a little louder. Keeping with you a couple of emergency supplies means that you can keep the good times going.

Bringing a couple of spare lenses is a good idea, for example just in case you happen to lose one while strutting your stuff on the dancefloor. Don’t forget to wash your hands before applying any new lenses, though. If you’ve been wearing your lenses for most of the day and your eyes start to feel a bit irritated, moisturising eye drops are great for giving your eyes a bit of soothing relief. Everclear Eye Drops are pocket-sized drops that will stop any discomfort or dryness that’s distracting you from having a good time.

Take your lenses off when you get home

After a long evening, it’s a good idea to take your lenses out as soon as you get home and give your eyes a rest. This way, you’re also reducing the risk of falling asleep with them still in, which can be quite dangerous – it’s easy to do if you’re tired out from partying!

If you wear dailies, make sure to throw them away. If you wear monthly or weekly lenses, clean them using solution and store them in some more over night so that they’re ready for the next day.

Follow these tips and you should be able to have a great evening without worrying about cloudy vision or dry eyes. Most importantly, enjoy yourself and make the most of the festive period!

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