Fashion Week 2019: 5 new trends

Friday, 15 February 2019 by Vision Direct

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Fashion Week is back and the new collections feature all the fashion trends for spring and summer 2019. Neon and animal prints are two of the most prominent trends you can expect to hit the high street this spring!

Though it's not always easy to link the catwalk to everyday outfits, rocking the Fashion Week trends in your everyday life is much easier than it looks. You just need the right trends, accessories... and some coloured contact lenses to add the cherry on top!

Leopard print trend moodboard

Leopard prints

You can't have missed it, animal prints are THE biggest trend of the year. Leopard dresses, tiger print faux fur coats: the keyword is feline. Well, this trend is far from over and will rock spring and summer this year.

How to rock the animal print trend?

Some golden eyeshadow, eyeliner and hazel coloured contact lenses for a feline look, just as intense as a leopard's stare. The rest is up to you: tiger printed jackets to rock a simple outfit, leopard skirts with a simple t-shirt and a denim jacket or just on some small accessories if you don't want to go for the full look!

If you want to give your eyes a break but stay in style, you can also choose to wear some nice glasses like the Kate Spade's Atalina, find them on Glasses Direct.

80s trend moodboard

80's and vintage style

You thought you'd seen the last of it on old pictures and music videos everyone tries to forget, and yet, it's back to rock your closets: dressing like your parents used to is back in fashion. 70s and 80s looks are one of the major spring/summer trends for 2019.

How to rock the 80's trend?

Shoulder pads, flashy colours, crimped hair or even glossy lips are only the beginning of possibilities. Now is the perfect occasion to visit charity shops, discover those great pieces at bargain prices! You can also play with colours, try our turquoise coloured contact lenses and add some pink eyeshadow in there.

You can also accessorise with some very stylish and retro glasses Cowboy Glasses from Glasses Direct.

Oversized trend moodboard


Go big or go home: this is definitely one of the major Fashion Week trends for 2019. Exaggeration is the key and if you used to be too shy to try it, now is your time to shine.

How to rock the oversize trend?

Big hats, hair bows bigger than your head or even puffy sleeves, the bigger the merrier! And to add to the cheeky yet intense allure, nothing better than green coloured contact lenses to make your eyes pop and finish your look with style.

To perfectly rock the style, you can choose to accessorize with some large frames glasses like the fantastic Glasses Direct Scout East-52 frames.

Neon trend moodboard


Another major one: the neon trend! No need to get flashing light bulbs on your jacket or recycle Christmas lights as a scarf though. One thing is sure, neon colours are a must this Fashion Week.

How to rock the neon trend?

Metallic eyeshadow, flashy blue and pink clothes, glitter on your face: everything is possible. To finish the look, try purple coloured contact lenses to be the final touch of your outfit.

Pastel trend moodboard

The pastel trend

Pastel trend is stronger than ever this season: pale pink, blue, purple, you name it. Now is the time to look like candy. A great opportunity to bring some sweetness wherever you go!

How to rock the pastel trend?

You can go with the subtle details, pick some pale pink accessories or handbag, get some pins on your jacket for a retro punk mood or.... get your hair coloured, opt for pastel colour block, get some pastel blusher or lipstick: the possibilities are endless.

If you do opt for subtle details, you can pick grey coloured contact lenses for a soft yet intense and intriguing look.

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