3 reasons to book yourself an eye test

Monday, 9 January 2017 by Callan Smith-Sheerin

When's the last time you had an eye test? If it's been two years or more, it's time for a check up. This isn't just to check that you're wearing the right prescription contact lenses or glasses, but can detect eye conditions as well as a number of other health problems.

Book yourself in for an eye test in 2017

An eye test is a key part of your overall health checks, just like a doctor's or dental appointment, and it is important to visit regularly. If you need more motivation, we have 3 great reasons why you should book in an eye test this year.

1. Many adults are long overdue for an eye test

Recent polling has indicated that 1 in 6 British adults have not had their eyes tested since childhood. We all lead busy lives, so it can be hard to remember to add in a trip to the opticians on top of work, family and social commitments. However, the NHS recommends visiting an optician for an eye test just once every two years, which is only a small amount of your time really.

2. An eye test can detect symptoms of various health conditions

If you, like many others, haven’t managed to make it to the opticians for a test in the past two years, then why not make 2017 the year that you book yourself in? Even if you haven’t noticed any change in your eyesight, it's worth being tested. An eye test can reveal changes in the shape of your eye or internal issue that could lead to problems in the future, as well as any current eye conditions. It's even possible to detect possible symptoms of diabetes and other illnesses.

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3. Your eyesight is continually changing

Conditions such as presbyopia come into effect as the eye’s muscles deteriorate over time so, even if you had an eye test 2 years ago and were given the all clear, it is important to have a check up to ensure that nothing has changed. Polling also showed that just under quarter of the respondents had spotted symptoms of poor eyesight but hadn’t yet visited the optician. Making do with squinting or holding things close to your face while reading is not a good idea. It will only cause any condition to worsen, with symptoms such as headaches making life more uncomfortable.

This year, take care of yourself and your eyes. It only takes a little bit of effort to have a test and could help you treat or even prevent a condition.

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