Do glasses make your eyes look smaller?

Wednesday, 26 May 2021 by Vision Direct

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If you're wearing glasses, chances are you've heard that if you use them for years and years, your eyes become smaller, appear sunken and you get dark circles or eye bags. Now, we're not ones to fall for a popular myth, so we decided to do some digging to discover if there's any truth to this, or if it's just an old wive's tale.

Let's get this out of the way first: it's impossible that wearing glasses, over any length of time, can physically shrink or change the size of your eyes. But do your specs cause an optical illusion that makes your eyes appear smaller than they are? Well, that is what might have caused this myth to come about.

Lenses in glasses work to correct a vision problem like myopia by decreasing the size of your retina to better your long-distance vision. So, the higher your prescription, the smaller your eyes will look. On the other hand, glasses that correct hyperopia have thicker, more magnifying lenses to improve your close-distance vision, and actually make your eyes appear larger.

However, the fact that glasses don't cause a physical change to the size of your eyes, doesn't mean you don't have to deal with your eyes looking small behind your glasses. We all want to look and feel our best, so we've put together some eye-enhancing tips to tackle this annoying effect with ease.

How to make your eyes look bigger

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  • Eye makeup: Lining your lower eyelid with a lightly coloured eyeliner is one of the easiest tricks in the beauty bible in making your eyes appear larger. Opting for white or beige ensures a more natural feel, or pastel blue or orange shades add that extra touch of pizazz. It's best to use pencil eyeliner over liquid for that, as it stays on for longer.
  • The right frame: Make sure the frame you choose is the right size and shape for your face. Large and thick frames make your eyes appear smaller as the distance to the eye increases, so going for smaller, thinner glasses will help minimise this effect.
  • Request thinner lenses: Optical technology has come a long way, covering ground on lens reduction methods for those with high prescription powers. But the caveat is that it also makes the cost of your glasses much, much higher.
  • Switch to contact lenses: Lastly, there's no better way to avoid small eyes than to stop wearing glasses and switch to contact lenses! That's just one of the bounty of benefits that this type of corrective eyewear comes with. You can also enjoy seamless peripheral vision, complete freedom of movement and much more.

Contact lenses: goodbye small eyes

Switching to contact lenses is the cheapest, most convenient and comfortable way to never have to deal with this optical illusion ever again. Given that they're placed directly on your cornea, the distance between them and the eye is extremely subtle, meaning your eyes are 100% free from obstructions or minimising effects - huzzah!

A good contact lens can also help you make the most of any activity. Here are a few more of their amazing advantages:

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  • Perfect peripheral vision: With glasses, your visual field is limited to the front of the eye and you can always see the outline of the frames on either side. In comparison, contact lenses snugly fit the eye, giving you constantly clear vision - ideal for activities like driving and playing sports.
  • Total freedom of movement: Glasses are fiddly, they get dirty easily and slip and slide off your nose during the slightest movement. Plus, they can break, potentially wasting you a lot of money. But, you can wave goodbye to these issues with contact lenses and continue to do all the things you love with zero hassle.
  • They don't get foggy: Another big downside of glasses? They fog up in a flash! Wearing contact lenses means you can bake up a storm, or complete a yoga session, with crystal-clear, steam-free sight.
  • No glares and reflections: While not a huge deal, it's the little things, such as having a reflection on your glasses that can ruin your day, especially if you're working on a computer. With contact lenses, you'll get to have crisp vision around the clock.
  • You can save money: The contact lens market has evolved a lot and you can actually save a lot of money choosing them over glasses, especially if you have a high prescription. There are so many types of contact lenses to suit any lifestyle, but we recommend going for dailies: easier to handle, hygienic, more comfortable and low maintenance. Plus, as they're individually packed, you can put a pair on whenever you like and save even more.
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