Can your child wear contact lenses?

Thursday, 28 March 2019 by Vision Direct

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There is a lot of confusion about whether children can wear contact lenses, and if so at what age are lenses appropriate for young people. Throughout this post, we'll clear up doubts you may have and explain the many reasons why contact lenses are a great option for kids.

Vision Direct opticians recommend contact lenses as a viable and safe vision correction solution for children. There's no age restriction to contact lenses, each optician will judge a child's maturity and ability to properly care for contact lenses on a case-by-case basis. Olympian Katarina Johnson-Thompson, who currently wears Acuvue Oasys 1-Day for Astigmatism started wearing contact lenses when she was in secondary school.

Contact lenses from a young age

Parents will be relieved to know that contacts are a safe and healthy option for young eyes and that kids adapt very quickly to wearing and caring for their lenses. If you are still concerned that your child might struggle with the care routine for monthly or bi-weekly lenses, you could introduce them to dailies, which don't require any maintenance. Simply apply at the beginning of the day and throw away after wearing.

Katarina Johnson-Thompson is an advocate of getting regular eye checks from a young age: "I had my first eye test when I was in primary school and I've worn contact lenses since I was a kid, they allow me to perform, they allow me to be free and they just allow me to be myself".

We all know how challenging adolescence can be. However, there are so many benefits to growing up with contact lenses, including enhanced enjoyment when playing sport and boosted self-confidence.

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Achieve sporting potential

Anyone who has worn glasses whilst playing sport can speak of the restrictions they cause. Glasses tend to limit wearers, with the potential to break, fall-off, steam-up or even lead to eye damage if a collision is caused.

Swapping glasses for contact lenses offers freedom of movement and clarity of vision. Contact lenses can really enhance a young person's experience of sport and exercise, which will promote a healthier, more active lifestyle. Of course contact lenses are not suitable for everyone, for some people glasses are a fantastic solution to eye conditions. Only a registered optician can determine whether contact lenses are suitable for your child's eyes.

Katarina says her lenses improve her peripheral vision, which has been a key factor in her sporting success: "It's a huge difference, I'm able to see from all angles and don't have any blind spots". She goes on to say that contact lenses make her vision clearer, "When I'm competing, especially in the hurdles, they tend to blur together, so for me being able to see the hurdles individually with contact lenses is so important". Katarina credits her successes in professional sport to her contact lenses. "With contact lenses, you just feel so much more comfortable".

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Contact lenses can be a great way for youngsters to boost their self- confidence. British Olympian Katarina Johnson-Thompson opens up about her positive experiences growing up with contact lenses, which she has been wearing since her early teens!

Not convinced yet? Here's a final word from sports star Katarina:
"As a teenager, contact lenses became a huge part of me, not just for sport. I regularly used the excuse that I needed to wear them as I was playing sport even on the days when I wasn't. I would put them in before leaving for school and wear them throughout the day as I felt so much more comfortable and confident wearing them. Once I tried contact lenses, I wasn't going back."

Your child's first lenses

If you think contact lenses would be a good fit for your child, make sure you book an eye test for them, so an optometrist can assess their eye care needs. Our bestselling daily contact lens 1 Day Acuvue Moist is a fantastic option for any lens wearer. A visibility tint and 1-2-3 indicator help first-time wearers easily insert their lenses, plus there's a UV filter which will help protect young eyes from sun damage.

Notes: Katarina Johnson-Thompson is an ACUVUE® Brand Ambassador and is wearing ACUVUE® OASYS 1-Day for Astigmatism.

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