Could contact lenses improve your game?

Friday, 1 July 2016 by David Blabey

It’s an excellent year for sports fans, with the European cup, Wimbledon and the Olympics all taking place back to back this summer. But when you’re on the field, lining up that perfect shot can be that little bit trickier for the vision impaired.

While some simply use sports glasses to keep their sight sharp, there are some real benefits to switching to contact lenses...

1: Sight without interruptions:

With no frames to get in the way, it’s easy to see why contact lenses would give you a much better field of view. This allows you to react easily to the game around you, whether that means catching a ball, moving into defence or simply applying the right swing of the bat at the right time.

2: Clear, stable vision:

Even glasses designed for sport are at risk of moving or even falling of completely at a critical moment. This can mean you run into situations where your vision becomes blurred, giving the opposition the upper hand. Contact lenses are designed to stay in place no matter how fast you’re moving, offering you clear vision at all times.


3: No harm no foul:

Because they are easily moved, glasses come with the extra risk that a frame my snap or the glass might break. Not only are they expensive to replace, but they’re much more likely to cause an eye injury should you take a hard tackle. Regular contact lenses are designed to be durable and remain in place, no matter the situation.

4: Perfect vision whatever the weather:

Unlike glasses, contact lenses won’t be affected by adverse weather such as rain or snow. Even if it’s pouring down, you’ll still be able to see just as clearly as every other player on the pitch.

5: Dress for the sport you love:

Some sports require you to wear headgear or protective goggles, which makes wearing glasses much more difficult. Contact lenses can be worn beneath your helmet without having to awkwardly shuffle your frames about first, so you’re out on the field quicker and ready to go with the rest of the team.

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