How to choose the best contact lenses this summer

Monday, 8 August 2022 by Vision Direct

Summer is here again! It's time for afternoons by the pool, picnics in the park, hikes in the fresh air, and all the many other ways we enjoy the glorious weather. However for those who wear contact lenses, summer can turn into a nightmare if you don't wear the right lenses. If you’re a contact lens wearer looking to take it easy this summer, take note. In this article we look at the top 5 features of summer-friendly contact lenses.

PRECISION1 contact lenses and a bowl of strawberries and blueberries

Daily contact lenses: Daily contact lenses will be your best ally in the summer. Forget about carrying bottles of solution and hygiene routines before and after putting in your contact lenses. With dailies, you set the rules. You want to take a dip in the pool and have a two-hour nap? Easy. Take out your contact lenses, throw them away, and put in new ones when you wake up. In summer, and even more so when you're on holiday, the days are unpredictable. Daily contact lenses will accompany you during your days off to give you the freedom you need.

Silicone hydrogel: In summer, we often leave the house without knowing what time we’ll be home, and with longer, sunnier days, who doesn't want to be outdoors? This is why it's so important that your contact lenses provide long-lasting hydration so you can stay comfortable all day long. You can achieve this comfort with silicone hydrogel contact lenses. This material ensures that your eyes stay fresh all day, providing maximum breathability.

Accurate vision: Summer is a great time for us to get out and see the world, from discovering new cities, to going on a solo trip for the first time, to watching a sunset on the beach. Imagine wearing contact lenses that don't allow you to have accurate vision and experiencing those unique memories with blurred vision. It would be a bummer, wouldn't it? If you want all those amazing experiences to be as sharp as they deserve to be, opt for contact lenses that guarantee you the most accurate vision.

Handling tint: In the summer, you may find yourself needing to pop your lenses in when you’re out and about, and having to do that in the bathroom at the beach bar or on the plane on the way to your next destination can be a challenge if your lenses don't have handling tint. Handling tint is also particularly handy for those new to putting in lenses.

UV filter: Protecting yourself from the sun is essential and it's not just about using sunscreen, your eyes also need a dose of protection. To provide your eyes with maximum protection, we advise you to combine sunglasses and contact lenses with a UV filter, so you can make sure your eyes are always protected from harmful ultraviolet rays.

Having outlined the perfect summer contact lenses with all these features, we have no doubt that the ideal lenses for the summer is PRECISION1™.

PRECISION1 contact lenses

The best contact lenses for the summer: PRECISION1™

Alcon's PRECISION1™ is a daily contact lens made of silicone hydrogel that provides the highest quality for your eyes. It guarantees precise vision all day long and exceptional comfort. Thanks to the manipulation tint, Visitint, they are easy to fit. These features make PRECISION1™ the perfect contact lenses for those with an active lifestyle, who need maximum comfort and convenience in their everyday life.

These Alcon lenses feature Smartsurface® technology that retains moisture for longer. With an ultra-thin layer of up to 81% water on the lens surface, your lenses will feel fresh and comfortable all day long. PRECISION1™ has a UV filter that blocks up to 90% of UVA and over 99% of UVB rays, protecting your eyes from the sun.

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