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Monday, 28 February 2022 by Vision Direct

Whether you’re looking to shake up your personal style, or complete a fancy dress outfit for cosplay or halloween, coloured contact lenses are an excellent way to transform your appearance. From dailies to monthlies, here, we look at the best non-prescription and prescription coloured contact lenses to try.

All of the contact lenses listed below are a great choice for those who require vision correction, and those who do not. Customers who do not require any vision correction, but would like good quality coloured lenses can simply purchase contacts with a 0.00 power to enjoy the look of an enhanced eye colour without a prescription.

Freshlook Colorblends

Best for range of colours

When it comes to finding a product that offers a range of colours, Alcon’s FreshLook Colorblends are best sellers. And it's no wonder FreshLook Colorblends are so popular; they come in 12 shades that can be worn for 30 consecutive days. This range is made from soft, flexible Phemfilcon A for a secure but easy fit, and has a high water content to keep your eyes feeling hydrated and healthy throughout wear.

Its colour collection ranges from 8 subtle colours into 4 bolder tones. If you’re interested in a subtle enhancement of a darker eye colour, Brown, Pure Hazel, and Honey are great shades to sofly brighten eyes. Lighter coloured eye colours can achieve the same lift with shades Green, Grey, or Blue. For those wanting a more striking look, be sure to try the colours True Sapphire, Gemstone Green, Amethyst, Sterling Grey, or Brilliant Blue.

Discover FreshLook Colorblends

“I feel so beautiful in my new Colorblends, they brighten up my face. The Pure Hazel is really my true colour.”

Review by Claire (Posted on 02/01/2022)

“I have been wearing FreshLook for many years and love them. When I ring, customer service is always very polite and very helpful. I got my contacts the next day which was brilliant. THANK YOU FOR YOUR BRILLIANT SERVICE.

Review by Jacqueline (Posted on 04/06/2021)
FreshLook Colors

Best coloured contact lenses for dark eyes

Alcon’s FreshLook Colors adds a layer of vibrancy and depth to darker eye colours. These monthly lenses are made with a 55% water content to keep your eyes feeling hydrated and irritation-free, so they will be as comfortable on day 30 as they were on day 1.

FreshLook Colors come in 6 different shades: Blue, Violet, Green, Misty Grey, Hazel, and Sapphire Blue. We recommend the first 4 for lighter eyes, and the latter 2 for darker hues.

Discover FreshLook Colors

“FreshLook are very comfortable lenses.”

Review by Mariam (Posted on 22/09/2018)

“Have been using FreshLook Colors for many years. I especially like the Sapphire Blue, as I have dark brown eyes. Never had any problems with them.”

Review by Peter (Posted on 21/09/2018)
Freshlook Dimensions

Best coloured contact lenses for light eyes

For those of you with blue eyes and lighter hues, we would thoroughly recommend Alcon’s FreshLook Dimensions. These lenses are designed to compliment your natural eye colour, and are made from hydrogel, a comfortable material ideal for long wear.

These monthly contact lenses are designed with a unique starburst charcoal pattern, and all designed to brighten lighter coloured eyes. FreshLook Dimensions is available in three shades: Aqua, Pacific Blue, and Sea Green.

Discover Freshlook Dimensions

“I ordered Caribbean aqua and I received compliments on my eyes, they are very comfortable.”

Review by Jennifere (Posted on 19/05/2018)

“I have Caribbean Aqua lenses and they are awesome! Alcon/FreshLook is one of the few manufacturers that make lenses in + strength. I wear +1.25. They are very comfortable and I sometimes forget I'm wearing them until someone comments on my eyes. Then I have to be honest and tell them that they are FreshLook Dimensions."

Review by Michaela (Posted on 09/05/2015)
SofLens Natural Colors

Best coloured contact lenses for value

Bausch & Lomb’s SofLens Natural Colors are a phenomenal value for quality, and are available in 10 different colours, from Amazon to Topaz, offering shades of green, blue, purple, brown, and grey to match your natural hue. With such great value, these lenses are excellent if you want to explore various colours without breaking the bank.

Made from Polymacon, these lenses fit your eyes comfortably and securely, so your eyes can remain irritation-free throughout the day. As monthly lenses, SofLens Natural Colors, can be worn for 30 consecutive days provided you clean and store them with contact lens solution.

Discover SofLens Natural Colors

“These are the BEST lenses ever! I have used lenses for 10+ years, and these are the best lenses I have ever tried!!!! I'm SO happy that finally my search is over! These lenses are SOOO comfy, I do not feel them in my eyes! And the colours are just wow!”

Review by Tetiana (Posted on 23/08/2020)

"“The most comfortable lens that I have used in years.”

Review by Aw(Posted on 01/01/2022)
Air Optix Colors

Best coloured contact lenses for comfort

As part of the Air Optix family, Alcon’s Air Optix Colors provide exceptional breathability, as the silicone hydrogel material allows up to 6 times more oxygen to reach the eye than a hydrogel lens. A smooth lens surface and high water content also make sure that Air Optix Colors are one of the most comfortable coloured contact lenses around.

These lenses combine both beauty and comfort for a monthly coloured contact lens that not only enhances eye colour but also provides a perfectly clear vision for up to 30 consecutive days. Each colour lens is made with Alcon’s 3-in-1 colour technology, which mixes 3 individual rings of colour, increasing in depth and intensity, for a vibrant yet natural look. Choose from 9 different shades to subtly change your natural eye colour, including: Brilliant Blue, Gemstone Green, Honey, and Pure Hazel amongst others.

Discover Air Optix Colors

“Love these lenses as they're so natural looking and comfortable. The fact that they're delivered the next day is a bonus. Very pleased with my purchase.”

Review by Sabrina (Posted on 07/05/2021)

“Amazing lenses!!! Recently, I have had dry eye issues and cannot wear my previous brand for more than 2-3 hours. These lenses are amazing and very comfortable for dry eyes.”

Review by Sandhya (Posted on 11/10/2021)
FreshLook One Day

Best daily coloured contact lenses

Alcon’s FreshLook One Day is one of the best daily coloured contact lenses on the market. These dailies come in shades Blue, Grey, Pure Hazel and Green, which are each designed to enhance natural eye colour.

Made from Neflicon A, these lenses are soft, flexible, and sit securely throughout the day. In addition, lenses have a high water content to ensure that your eyes stay hydrated, resulting in fresh, healthy feeling eyes.

Discover FreshLook One Day

“I don’t wear my lenses every day, but when I do wear them, I can keep them all day without any uncomfortable feelings of dryness etc.”

Review by Anita (Posted on 02/12/2021)

“These are great for anyone who has a prescription, and is used to dailies, but wants to add a hint of color that makes people look twice.”

Review by Lauren (Posted on 16/03/2021)
FreshLook Illuminate

Best coloured contacts to enhance shape and colour

Alcon’s FreshLook Illuminate is a little different from the other coloured contact lenses. Instead of altering eye colour, these daily disposable contact lenses make eyes look bigger and brighter brighter with an enhancement tint. This is achieved by the unique starburst pattern printed on each lens, which perfectly blends the coloured ring of the eye into the iris. This makes eyes look naturally larger while providing shine and definition to the colour.

Making use of a special dual-layer colour printing technology, FreshLook Illuminate is suitable for all shades of eyes. The colour of the lens reacts to the light, so it can adapt to the shade of the wearer's iris in a way that looks both natural and eye-catching.

Discover FreshLook Illuminate

“These are great for that sharpened eye look. My Mrs loves them.”

Review by Abdul (Posted on 29/09/2015)

“Love this option, it's very unique. It isn’t as obvious that you have an unnatural ring around your iris. I have dark grey/ blue eyes and this one is a subtle addition to eye color. Not as obvious as fully coloured lenses.

Review by Kinga (Posted on 19/03/2021)

Benjamin Dumaine, Head of Business Development

Co-written by: Benjamin Dumaine

Optometrist and Head of Business Development

Benjamin Dumaine graduated with a Bachelor's Degree from the Institut Supérieur d'Optique and has been a qualified optometrist since 2003. Apart from being Vision Direct's Head Optician, he’s also the Head of Business Development, where he gets to use his clinical expertise and knowledge of contact lens technology towards supporting all departments of Vision Direct.

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