The best ways for you to avoid dry eyes

Tuesday, 4 April 2017 by Callan Smith-Sheerin

If your eyes often become dry and irritated you don’t have to just endure the discomfort. We have several useful ways for you to prevent and treat dry eyes so they become a thing of the past.

Our 5 top tips for avoiding dry eyes

Eat a healthy diet


One of the best ways to avoid getting dry eyes is to ensure that you have a healthy diet, in which you drink plenty of water. There are also certain foods that are particularly helpful to preventing dry eye syndrome.

Foods high in Omega-3 fatty acids can assist tear production in the eyes. The more tears you have in your eyes, the less likely they are to become dry or uncomfortable. The most common source of these essential acids comes from cold-water fish such as salmon, sardines and fresh tuna (not tinned). Eating at least two portions of these kinds of fish a week can help your eyes stay hydrated.

As dry eyes can be caused by oxidation, foods high in antioxidants can also help to keep your eyes feeling comfortable and moist. Eating fruits and colourful vegetables is great for getting enough antioxidants to keep your eyes healthy.

Take breaks from the computer screen

Many jobs involve spending long hours in front of a computer screen, which can lead to eyes feeling dry and uncomfortable. This is because reading off a screen, as well as from print sources, places strain on our eyes. It’s important, therefore, to take regular breaks from focusing on the screen. Once an hour, stop looking at the screen and focus on something further away, blinking frequently to give your eyes a rest and help to moisturise them.

It’s also important to make sure that your workstation is set up to minimise eyestrain. Your screen shouldn’t be too close or far away from your face and should come to about eye level or just below.

Wash your eyes thoroughly

Gently washing your eyelids is an excellent way to avoid build ups in bacteria that can irritate the eyes and lead to them feeling dry and uncomfortable.

For best results, gently massage your closed eyelids with a warm, damp flannel. Next, still keeping your eyes closed, roll a cotton bud along the edge of both upper and lower eyelids.

If you wear make-up, make sure that any mascara, eyeliner or eyeshadow is taken off before you go to sleep. Forgetting to do so could lead to your eyes feeling dry and irritated the next day.

Take a day off from wearing contact lenses

We always recommend that, for at least one day a week, you take a break from wearing contact lenses. This can be particularly helpful for you if you have dry eyes, allowing your eyes to breathe.

Use eye drops for fast relief

If you’re suffering from dry eyes, it’s a good idea to use eye drops for quick relief. Eye drops are also known as artificial tears because they replace any missing water. While they can replace this missing moisture, they don’t contain the same nutrients, vitamins and antibodies that are good for your general eye health.

However, what they can offer you is instant respite from discomfort and they work well for most people with dry eyes. We recommend Everclear Eye Drops, made from natural, herbal ingredients for effective and soothing relief. These eye drops can also be used to re-wet your contact lenses to ensure maximum comfort during the day.

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