Could your contact lenses feel more comfortable?

Friday, 24 April 2020 by Vision Direct

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Without a doubt, social distancing during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has pushed us out of our comfort zone. We were so set in our daily routines that it became too hard (and inconvenient) to realise we can do better. But now, with the gift of time and hindsight, we can take the time to do our research and look after ourselves every way we can.

The value of vision in our lives is priceless - those of us needing vision correction can really attest to that. So, ask yourself a simple question: are you getting the most from your contact lenses?

Life evolves and our eye care needs change, so your contact lens routine should keep up with the updates too. Contact lens technology has taken huge leaps over the years, so perhaps the perfect lens for you came out while you’ve been stuck in the habit of wearing your ‘meh’ ones. Nobody should have to put up with uncomfortable lenses when you’ve got such a wide range of products and materials to choose from

What is comfort, anyway?

A comfortable lens should not be felt, giving you healthy, crisp vision all day long. That means your eyes stay comfortable and hydrated to the point that you almost forget you have them on. Most lens wearers take it as a given that they’ll need additional products to make their contact lenses comfortable - our opticians get this all the time. The best example here is lens wearers using eye drops to soothe recurring dryness. Though they do provide instant and effective relief, they are not designed to be a core part of your contact lens routine, but as more of a tool to use when you need it. It's a bit like having a headache because you're tired: paracetamol will help you soothe the headache but you need to address the problem. But comfort also means a lens that fits in your lifestyle, not the other way around.

Our opticians have put together 3 situations that might indicate it’s time to try a new contact lens:

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You want to up the moisture

Let’s face it, we’re all spending a lot longer in front of screens these days: between busy workdays, Facetiming loved ones and binge-watching TV shows, it’s hard to keep digital eye strain at bay. Screens have been known to dry our eyes out, but if you’ve been doing everything right (including following your wearing schedule, and not sleeping in your contact lenses) and you’re still experiencing dryness, that might mean there’s a product out there that suits you better.

Perhaps you want to go for one with higher water content, or try a new formula: you’ve got Johnson & Johnson’s LACREON moisture-locking technology, or Alcon’s Lightstream technology, among many more. Just check each product is compatible with your prescription (under the section titled Alternative Contact Lenses) and you’re good to go. And remember: our optical advisors are always on call, so give them a ring and they’ll make sure you’re on the right track.

You want to streamline your routine

Sure, we all have a lot more time on our hands these days - but this doesn’t mean you want to spend it putting your solution bottles in order of use-by date (did you know your contact lenses can expire?). Daily disposable contact lenses are a fuss-free and hygienic option of having healthy vision without having to work for it, as you simply throw them away after each wear. If you’d like to spend more time doing the things you love and less time on your contact lens routine, it’s definitely worth giving daily contact lenses a go.

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You’re spending too much

Budgets can change just as regularly as our eyes. Whether you’re saving up for a fun post-lockdown holiday, or you feel you can get more for your money: you can cut down on the amount you spend on your contacts, without compromising on the quality. everclear ELITE are a total favourite among our customers, as they provide the ultimate moisture at an unbeatable price.

Made from a revolutionary, soft hydrogel formula treated with an ultra-hydrating solution, they keep your eyes comfortable all day long, and your wallet happy. There are more cheap contact lenses (in price, not quality) ticking different boxes, so you can find the one that works best for you.

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