Are direct debits really good value?

Wednesday, 17 February 2021 by Vision Direct

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Here's the thing - optician or online direct debit schemes are often marketed as a super-simple and cost-effective way of getting an automatic home delivery of contact lenses every month. Plus, additional services like discounts and yearly eye tests for a set fee. In theory, these packages do sound like a sweet - and very convenient - deal. However, if you break down what you're actually paying for, compared to what you're receiving, you'll find that you might not be getting your money's worth. The money-saving experts in our team crunched up all the numbers and so-called benefits and discovered that direct debits are too good to be true. Stay with us, as we take a deep dive into the pesky downsides.

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Lack of flexibility

Fancy switching from monthlies to dailies? Had a change of prescription? Or just want to dabble in another contact lens brand? All control goes out the window when it comes to direct debit schemes: it's impossible to control the number or type of lenses you receive. This inflexibility can be really annoying, as well as cause you to waste money on lenses you don't actually need. For example, if you've been working from home for most of this year, and have been wearing glasses more than your dailies, you'll probably have accumulated an unnecessary stockpile that will have made a dent in your pocket, too.

You have full control when ordering at Vision Direct and can easily alternate between brands, types and prescriptions (always check with your optician first!). And, to give you complete peace of mind when ordering, we've also extended our returns to a whole year, with our 365-day guarantee.

Paying more for 'extras'

Ah, the 'added extras' - this is where a direct debit scheme can really confuse the customer, making you believe that the fee that comes off your account every month is worth it. You might see these 'perks' listed as eye tests, lens replacements and optical advice. But actually, these services, which you're now paying for as part of your package, can be accessed for 100% free when you shop online with us. Let us give you a quick run-through of all the add-ons you get with us without paying a penny extra: free contact lens replacements, dedicated customer care, expert optical advice, in-person eye tests, free reminders and superfast next day delivery, Plus, you don't have to commit to a single thing, pinky-promise! We even have an online Eye Care Centre, featuring a vast array of how-guides, created by our experienced in-house optometrists. We also offer a range of our own-brand lenses that are sold at market price to begin with. So not only are you paying more for lenses you can buy for less, but they're also charging you for all these bogus add-ons!

Easy to cancel

At last, one positive thing about direct debit schemes: they're ultra-easy to cancel (though they don't want you to know that). Normally, if you've received all the contact lenses that you've paid for, there's no cancellation period. All you have to do is reach out to your optician or online contact lens supplier, and let them know you'll no longer be needing this package - it's that simple! Always make sure to confirm that a new payment hasn't been accidentally requested by your optician, so you don't end up paying more.

Now, if you're feeling ready to take control of your own vision care needs - it's time to get the ball rolling and start shopping smart and saving on your contact lenses with us! And remember, around here, we're all about complete transparency, and giving you the freedom to order, or stop ordering whenever.

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Our premium and in-person eye health package

Undoubtedly, one of our biggest benefits is our exclusive eye health package, as part of our EyeCare+ service. Our partnership with top-notch optician David Clulow gets you access to an in-person eye test and contact lens check-up, worth £50 for JUST half the price. That’s a big deal, as most high street opticians charge £25 for a standard eye test! Plus, you can enjoy access to aftercare, expert advice and David Clulow’s fantastic range of designer glasses, including brands like Ray-Ban, Prada and Emporio Armani.

Start saving with us today

Like we've mentioned, with us, you'll never pay for lenses you don't need, and our prices are actually 45% cheaper than most high street opticians in the UK. On the off-chance that you do find your lenses for less, just contact our super-friendly and award-winning customer service team, they'll check out that price, and then we'll match it in a jiffy. At the end of the day, we want to help you save wherever possible, and that's why we have a constant offering of discounts and promos. Love a freebie? You've come to the right place! Keep an eye on our voucher code page: we are constantly updating it with brand new (and super-tempting) offers.

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