5 Reasons you should get your eyes tested soon

Thursday, 4 August 2016 by David Blabey
Woman having eye test

Regular eye tests are hugely important, not only to make sure your prescription is up to date but also to help detect common medical conditions early. In fact, we recommend visiting your optician at least once every two years.

1: Eye strain and headaches:

You might not have noticed any change in your vision, but if you’ve found yourself getting a headache after reading, using the computer or even driving then it could be a problem with your vision. In most cases this can easily be corrected with a pair of glasses or contact lenses, simply visit your optician to get the correct prescription.

2: Blurry vision:

Many people don’t notice their vision becoming blurry, as it can happen gradually over a number of years. However, if left unchecked it can develop into a real problem and can even be a sign of glaucoma or type 2 diabetes. An eye test will give you a better understanding of what’s causing your problem so you can deal with it as quickly as possible.

3: Family history:

If your family has a history with problems such as diabetes or glaucoma, then it’s important to regularly visit your optician in order to check on your own health. In fact, you may want to visit more often than once every two years in order to catch any problems early before they develop any further.

4: Floaters:

You might notice a few shapes moving and floating in your field of vision every now and again. These are perfectly natural and are often completely harmless. However, if you start seeing them more often then it’s important to book an appointment with your optician just to check things out.

5: Age:

As you get older, problems with sight become much more common. Your eyes can start to change around the age of 40 and above, so it could be worth visiting more often just to check you are wearing the right prescription for your vision.

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