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Why is such good value?

Vision Direct prides itself on blending great value with high quality products. We don't just offer cheap contact lenses. Instead, we provide great value for our customers, because our products are of the highest quality.

With contact lenses, a higher price does not necessarily imply better quality. In fact, the opposite can sometimes be the case. When ordering from us, you can be sure that the lenses you receive are of superb quality, and are produced by the world's leading vision companies. These lenses are in no way inferior to those that you can buy from high street opticians, just much cheaper.

How does Vision Direct manage to sell their lenses so cheaply?

This is a great question, but there is no mystery. In fact, our method is very simple. All we do is purchase leading vision products in large amounts. By bulk buying the world's finest lenses and cleaning products, we realise massive savings. These savings are then passed onto our customer base, instead of being retained by the company.

Our strategy of buying in bulk means that we have an enormous selection, and can offer 9 out of 10 conventional monthly and daily contact lenses to dispatch on the day that you order them (if the order is placed before 5.30pm). We also have over a million lenses in stock, ensuring absolute choice. And, to cap it all, we offer free delivery for orders over £49 to anywhere in the UK. We also guarantee super-fast delivery to the rest of the world.

We buy all of the world's leading brands. These include vision heavyweights like Acuvue, Focus Dailies, Air Optix, Proclear and Soflens. We go straight to their UK suppliers and rigorously ensure the quality of every shipment.

Vision Direct also focuses on driving down the cost of vision care products as well, without sacrificing quality. On our website you can order everything from eye drops to specially formulated eye care nutrients and leading contact lens solutions. All of these innovative products are available at huge discounts. We also keep everything in stock, so that when you need eye care products, you won't be disappointed by delays in delivery times.

There is no better way to buy affordable contact lenses than via Vision Direct. We offer everything that a normal optician can provide, at much lower prices.

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