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No Prescription Needed makes it easy for you to order your contact lenses with or without a prescription. We understand that busy lifestyles can result in a misplaced contact lens prescription, that's why we trust you, if you are confident that you know your contact lens specifications, to order your contact lenses without a prescription.

Easy ways to order your contact lenses from

1. Buy the contact lenses that your optician has prescribed without your prescription

Ordering your contact lenses with no prescription through is simple. Just ensure you check the details of your order against your contact lens box or the prescription given to you by your optician. Once you're confident the details are correct, proceed through checkout without asking us to verify your prescription. All orders are processed via our European company, Vision Direct BV, which is based in the Netherlands where prescriptions do not need to be checked.

Every two years it is good practice to have an eye test, to see if your prescription has changed and to detect early indications of eye conditions or even diabetes. Don't self-prescribe, and always stick to the recommendations of a professional. Any experiments with different lenses are best arranged in consultation with an optician.

If you need any help finding the prescription of your lenses please visit this page:
Understanding your contact lens prescription

2. Ask us to check your prescription with your optician

One great way of providing reassurance that your order is correct is to enter the details of your optician when you register. We'll contact them by phone and check that your order matches your prescription. We have plenty of experience in consulting opticians, and there is very rarely an issue with us making an approach.

Ordering contact lenses online is the cheapest, most convenient and quickest way to get contact lenses delivered direct to your door.

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